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Sat Fishing Trip


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Keith & I headed out to one of our favorite streams yesterday. The day started out wet and ended really wet. We made the the river about 10ish am but it was peeing down rain. We sat it out and after about 1/2hr rain stopped. We jumped out got our gear on and started out. We got down to the stream and the water looked great I headed across the stream Keith fished the other side. We saw hardly any rises here. I started out with a Chrynoble ant but no luck. Then switched to a prince nymph still nothing. Keith finally got antsie and headed up stream I stayed. Switch to my llama leech and about 3rd cast hooked into something but lost it. No more after that. Decide to head down stream as I have never went that way on this stream. Next hole was just as big but a lot deeper and harder to get to the good water. By this time the sun was out and had to take off the rain gear. In the process lost my eye glasses rumaged in the grass for about 1/2hr and just as I was going to give up found them. Big load of the mind. Started out into the stream and waded out to about my waist then notice that both feet were getting wet really wet actually to the point that I think there was more water in my wadders than in stream. At this point decided what the hell keep fishing. I put on a hopper dropper the dropper being a X Rated after a bit managed to hook a 10 or 11 in. Grayling (see attacged picture) I was quitely fishing watching the scenery going by when I glanced behind me and Keith was watching my fantistic casting techneque. He decided to head down the next hole. I then switch back to the llama leech and 1st cast I hooked into a nice grayling that would have gone at least 12 and headed into the 13in. range. after a bit Keith yelled up (radio weren't working well) that fish were rising down where he was and soon he to was into fish. At about this time notice a lot of BWO's in the air Switch to a size 16 Glitter thread BOW parachute and took several small grayling then hooked into another about 10incher. I headed down to where Kieth had just left. I was contimplating the very squishyness of my feet and how to fish this pool when I heard this really load Woooshing noise . I was looking around and suddenly notice the the trees on the other bank were almost touching the water. It wasn't 5min. and it started rainning Then it started really rainning Then there was a big flash of lightning and a huge crack of thunder . Shortly after that I heard Keith shout holly s--t(crap) Come to find out Keith hurrying out of the water had fellen in. We got to gether and decide we were both wet enough and headed back to the vehicle. By the time we got back it was rainning even harder. Decide to leave This around 2pm

All in all not a bad day of fishing caught fish lost something and found it and got completely soaked.


We had a Great time.


Tight Lines always


Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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I'm kind of hooped now untill the middle of September...leaving to go visit my Mom in Vancouver on Sunday for a week or so and then I've got a bunch of family stuff for the week following and the rest of this week is also a no go for me so in a nutshell there's no fishing for a while.


On Saturday my son Paul and I met up with Emmerson at Dolberg....weather was good up till about 4 pm and then the thunderstorms came in. Fishing was good and as usual Emmerson was hauling them in one after another. A couple of pictures attached.



My son Paul working out a tangle or two



Emmerson fighting a quality Bow



One of the beauties I brought to the toon



Long distance shot of Emmerson working a fish



All in all a great day on the water



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Nice pic there Vince. I finally broke down and bought on of those Pentex w30's also. I needed something smaller and something that does a good job on Macro. I took a picture of some leaves on sat. that was a vived red color and the camera did a great job up close.


Just got off the phone with Rick and he mention that You had good time on Dolberg.


Good luck with your mother. We will be looking forward to a day with you on one of our favorite streams for grayling in Mid Sept. By then hopfully the rivers have clear up some.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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