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Bill Gouge

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The 12-Impossible-Step Program for Anglers

I might think Bill Schneider's suggestion of a 12-Step program for fishermen is a good idea, except that it would impossible for me or any of my friends to follow. For example, Step 5: "Admit first to yourself, then to the Fishing God and then to a loved one or close friend, the exact nature of your wrongdoings, out loud, shamelessly, unrestrained. That means all the laughable exaggerations about the length of your fish, the lame excuses to your spouse about why you needed a new boat or rod, and those reprehensible lies to your boss about why you weren’t coming into work." In New West magazine. (Thanks to TroutUnderground for digging this one up.)


From http://www.midcurrent.com/


Tight Lines



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