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Going to hit Mayatan in my tube after work tonight, If the thunderstorms don't scare me home that is.


Gonna see if any of those pike will bite my flies.




What flies are you using on the Pike at Mayatan? Post a pic?


And... do you know if the shallow area past the channel is any good at this time of year?

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Sorry no pics I did not bring my camera,


The flies I was using were bucktail streamers, One red and yellow with silver flashaboo, The other was pink and chartruese (sp) with pearl flashaboo. Both had trailer hooks and were about 3 inches long. All my fish were caught on a #5 sinking line with a 8ft 30 pound mono leader, most were caught about 5-6ft deep all caught on the strip.


I managed 10 fish for the evening all over 21" some around 26"


They were fiesty and it was great fun. :drinked:


Nice to see you out there Paul.


Edit: Outcast I've never fished on the other side of the channel.

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