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Whad ya do?

Lawnmower accident?

Punch a Cow at Stampede?

Repetative strain injury? :whootwhoo:

Couldn't be dumber than the guy at work who cut his thumb bad enough last week to require a tendon reattachment.

He was cutting tape off his hockey stick and the knife slipped.


Does that qualify as a hockey injury?

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You could always claim it was an injury incurred while throwing a javelin.

Or if you really wanted sympathy, you could blame a particularly violent pike.

After all, what fisherman worth his salt tells the unvarnished truth.


Nice Vespa. How about a full frontal shot?

My wife will be mucho jealous.

Lately she's been whining about how it would be nice to have a Scooter.


My brother on the other hand came by about 10 days ago on his Ducatti.

It had recently been repaired after a slide-on-the-side incident.

Seems he was out for a ride following a buddy and as buddy slowed to pull into the park strip,

buddy hits some loose gravel and his bike went out from under him.

Brother had to lay his over to avoid a more serious collision with sliding buddy.

Brother was sporting some bruises and road rash on his right leg.


So imagine your hand injury translated to a leg or two

and you'll see that extreme care must be exercised while riding that puppy.

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I'm still kicking the vespa idea around. That one in the pictures belongs to Wolff from TopGear on Whyte...


Funny - depending on who dresses my hand, typing is eiter easy, or SUCKS - like today. :(

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Hey Scratch,



Damn!! Piece of bad luck, eh.


But can you still drink whisky and smoke cigars?





The left hand still works fine. Did you manage to bring back a few boxes? ;)


Call me....

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Wow, what the heck is going on with our board. Where have our regular posters gone....fishing? holidays? or have people just lost interest in our forum.




Been on the road fishing Vince. Just got back from 8 days of fishing around Kamloops and up into the Cariboo - incredibly hot (never had a day cooler than 35C) and the fish were biting in 20' of water all day long. Had the guide at Elysia Lodge on Quesnel Lake demonstrate "buck-tailing" for lake trout. Off to Gravenhurst, Ont at the end of the week for another week of chasing the fins.


Only downer so far has been Tisdall Lake - every fish landed had either lice or open sores showing through their scales. 15" down the road at Mckinley it was completely different - boated 3 very healthy trout in the 3lb range. Didn't catch any kokanee at all on this trip though...




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