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Sunday Fish


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Heading into Star on Sunday morn....who's up for a day on the Star?



Vince, are you stopping by for coffee and cinammon buns on the way :P:P . A day of fishing won't be the same without them. Terry

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Not sure if you'll see me at 5 but for sure you'll see me by 6:30. I know, I know, the fishing won't be as good at 6:30 as it will be at 5 but holy smokes Paul...5 is darn early.





Wish I could stop by for a coffee and TWO cinnamon buns but the 6 hour drive would do me in.....your right on the money....starting your day off without a Cinnamon Bear Cafe coffee and bun is just not right. I will however make myself a home brew which is far better than the crap we usually pick up along the way to Star.



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I will not be partaking in this event <_ i on call . might do some shore fishen a local pond src="http://nlft.org/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_thumbup.gif" alt=":thumbup:"> , but not the one in the western Leduc county. Maybe out to Beamont , if I can fit it in, Wifey has plans :beating:

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I kinda wish I was going with you.

But have a family and friends canoe day planned at Astotin Lake at Elk Island Park.

Gotta do something quintessentially Canadian on Canada Day eh!


I got skunked at Muir today.

Had to dodge a thunderstorm that came through about 3pm then it cleared up nicely.

I took the wife out and gave her the 2 bit tour of the lake.

The rest of the time she stayed onshore and did some reading.

Mind you I was only fishing for about 2 1/2 hours in mid afternoon.

There were about 6 to 8 others on the lake and nobody seemed to be catching.

Lots of dragonflies and damsels about, but no rising fish and no obvious hatch.


My guess is one should either go out early or wait until later in the day.

5 Am may be early enough Paul.

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...see ya at 5:00 am... :coffeetime::coffeetime::coffeetime:

Hi Paul,


I wasn't there at 5:00 with you (wife wouldn't get up that early), but I think I saw you and a buddy of yours chatting on shore around 8:00 when me and my wife showed up. We were unloading our yellow canoe as you were just getting back in the water (I recognized you and your vest from other posts..lol).


I'm not a fly fisher yet, but I've had a taste a couple weeks ago and I can't wait to get all my gear.


My best fly fishing story came on Friday when I was out at Star. The fish were rising all over the place all morning long. So, I tied a dry fly (Adam's) and strung it behing my ultra light spinning gear. I dragged it behind my canoe about 40' or so behind....then BOOM...little 'bow took the dry fly. I was so happy I was able to land my first dry fly fish with my spinning gear (sorry to anger any pure fly fishers here..lol....)


Here's a pic of my dry fly bow on my ultra light spinning gear.

Posted Image


See ya


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Don't apologize for using a fly on spinning gear.

Many of us (including yours truly) started out the same way.

Sometimes it's a fly off the end of a small flasher or Mepps spinner

and sometimes its a fly on a dropper behind a bobber.

The reaction is always the same though.. Wow!

You find out that this is an exciting way to fish and then you're hooked.

I encourage you to stick your nose in at a meeting this summer.

Check the schedule in the June Newsletter (access off main web page) for when we're at Queen Mary Park.

We enjoy helping newcomers to the sport with lots of advice and support.

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...Adam...yup...that was me...I think I remember seeing you and your wife getting your boat ready...me and my new vest are like one when out fishing :lol: ...and like Dave already mentioned, no reason to apologize, many of us has and still do use spinning gear...

...glad to hear that you had some success at Star...it can be a finicky lake to fish at times...be sure to visit us at one of the club meetings...

...now,since you recognize me(and my vest), be sure and say hey next time...

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...and like Dave already mentioned, no reason to apologize, many of us has and still do use spinning gear...

Blink... blink....


Paul? Really?



You're fired. Please clean out your tackle box.

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