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kids fishing


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My kids and myself are heading to the Alberta Klave the second week of July. We will be in southern Alberta for the first part of the week. We are going to hit the Stampede one day and are looking for places to fish before and after.


We will likely fish the highwood one day as we will be stopping in Highriver to see there grand parents. If we have room we are going to bring our float tubes but I dont think it will happen.


So I was wondering if any one would like to share a good spot or two that I could take them fishing to? They are 10 & 13 so wading deep or fast water is not really an option.


Thx in advance!!



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Sno, I don't know about still waters around here but there are some good small creeks & streams thet I've fished:

-Cataract Creek - small and just stuffed with brook trout. Easily fished with minimal wading. Location, just south of where the Forestry Trunk Road meets Hwy 40 west of Longview.

-Three Point Creek - crossed by hwy 22 just south of Millarville. Go west and you should come across some decent fishing. You'll need a good map to find access.

-Quirk Creek - an Elbow trib that enters from the south side. A cutthroat population is growing after several years of a TU program to fish out the brookies (if you have the capability of fording the Elbow)

-Willow Creek - south of Longview on hwy 22. A small dam on this creek creates a small lake called Chain Lakes - stocked but i've never fished it. Willow flows out from the southern end and has small rainbows.


If you head into the Klave area, look for Dutch Creek & Racehorse Creek, both of which have fish and are relatively small. Also the Oldman gets very small if you drive well up the road. Email me at jim_and_dorothy@hotmail.com if you want specific details.


Jim Fox


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