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Chickakoo Rainbows Rock!


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I went out to Chickakoo this morning. It was the busiest I'd seen this lake before. Mostly there was just the usual hardware, bait, and treble hook crowd fishing from shore. But there were another 3 boats on the water besides me.


However, when I had landed my third fish at the end of my first half hour on the water... I think I understood why it was so busy.


I only caught rainbows. Caught about 9 landed about 6. One of them jumped a good 5 feet in the air to throw my hook. Those silly little acrobats.


Pretty sure if I'd brought a sinking line I could have gone deeper and got some brookies. I was kicking myself for leaving it at home.


The entire lake slowed down when the sun came out at noon.


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I believe "Small Aquarium" is the best description.... Like all stocked lakes in Alberta. ;)

Last year at Chickakoo I caught a couple of bigger fish. It must have winterkilled this past winter because my last outing was cookie cutter rainbows in line with Scratch's description of "small aquarium" size... well, maybe a little bit bigger - but not much.

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I haven't seen 'proof' of the winterkill - but it does support general findings about that lake - which is very susceptible.


Last fall Ranger-Bob and I were hammering brookies in the shallows on scuds - but they seemed cookie cutter fall size too - 12-14 inch.


Just the nature of Chickakoo I suppose.


It's still a great alternative to the crowds at Muir occasionally.

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