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Pond help......please

Jim Fox

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So I've got this little pond down the hill from my house. It is a very small natural creek that someone build a dam around and made into a little pond (it's about 100 yards across and probably 15' deep in the middle). I've seen people fish in it but have never seen anything caught.


Yesterday evening, I was walking with my girls around the pond and spotted a 18-20" rainbow just cruising the shallows about 8 feet from shore. I couldn't believe my eyes but there he was, all bright in spawning colours. He was moving very slowly and did not even react when I tossed a pebble in within a foot of him. Arrogant cuss :angry: now I must catch him!


This leads to my problem: I don't know much about catching fish in still waters. There are copious hatches of midges and mosquitos from this water, as well as a few mayflies, but I don't think there are any leeches or baitfish. I don't have a pontoon boat or float tube so I'm standing on shore. What flies should I try? What techniques? Please help!


It isn't natural that you can see a fish and not catch it. I'll offer a reward to anyone who can give me a successful fly pattern or technique. Name your price (within reason - it's only 1 fish).



Frustrated in Calgary



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I would suggest the following :


1. Enlist the help of a commercial fisherman with all necessary gear.


2. Construct a boat launch to your little pond.


3. Launch a 35' long-liner and lay one line the length of the pond with powerbait on C-hooks.


4. Bring in your catch; chances are you'll have caught him.



Seriously, tho. Floating line w/ 9' standard leader. He'll be tricksy, so make certain you use at least a few (12-18") of good tippet. For flies, if its around all year long, forget about the hatches. Chances are he doesn't feed surface often. I'd guess you should tie on a black Wooly Bugger and cast for awhile. Failing that, get out in your belly boat and try to find the little SOB.


If all this fails, get a gillnet.


Or a shaman to exorcise the demon of the phantom fish from your memory.

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You said a few key words.


A bit more observing might be in order.

How big are the midges?

Emerger patterns should be one hook size larger, pupa 2 larger & larvae 3

First go for the reliable san juan worm for the larvae, fished on the bottom under a strike indicator.

Then try a pupae pattern like a snow cone, first red than gradually darker colors,

fished 18"' off the bottom, again under an indicator.

Third, try an emerger pattern, something like a partridge & orange, fished just under the surface,

possibly on a dropper under a dry fly pattern.

Cruising the shallows:

Look for dragonfly or damsel nymphs

Try something like Daves Dragon or a marabou nymph pattern,

fished almost on the bottom with an intermediate line, short leader, short strips.


The trick with all these is to use fluorocarbon tippet,

use as small an indicator as will just float the fly,

keep the slack out of the line on the surface, rod tip low or in the water.

Try to fish under low light conditions and best with a slight riffle.

Also keep a low profile. If you can see fish, fish can see you.


Don't broadcast the location, that dam is probably illegal, unless it's the dam beaver's pond.

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Hi Jim.


Invite me down, and I'll show you what I know.


Take care.



Ditto, and I will bring the flies that work. I have a clue which residential pond this is too. Aye, there be monsters in there.


<Cough> Silkworm chronomid, 3 to 4 inches under a strike indicator.

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