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Maligne Lake - Jasper


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Hey Guys,

May long weekend, I am heading to Jasper for 2 days, a friend of mine pointed out to me this Maligne Lake, I checked the photos on the net and the lake looks gorgeous,

My question is, does any one know what is the cost of the fishing permit in the National Park ??,

What kind of trout will I find there ?? rainbows? any other kind?? I am quite excited as I never fished nice lake like this before.

I checked and the lake opens May 19 :fishing::kicks::clap::clap::D

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, and :cheers: of course !!

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As for license costs...go to Parks Canada website for the latest cost for this year.

As for fish in Maligne...big rainbows and big brookies


Although the lake may open up May 19th...I don't think the ice will be off yet.

Also note electric motors only...Take more than one battery...the lake is 15+ miles long and the wind can be brutal and dangerous.

Also take note of some restrictions around the outlet(maligne river)

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The lake has rainbows and brookies. It's usually touch and go as to whether the ice is off by the May long weekend. Most years it is not. As flycaster says, be careful -- it's a big lake and weather conditions, including wind direction, can change very quickly. I used to take three batteries.


Later in the season, you'll have best success by going quite a way down the lake (i.e. 4 to 5 miles). However, this early in the season, I wouldn't bother -- you can do ok right in Home Bay or Rainbow Alley -- the locals can explain where these are. Terry

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Thanks Guys,


Yep I checked the license fee is $10 per day so that's cool,

Now regarding the ice damn never concidered it, I think I am gonna give that restaurant/boat rental place a call and see what they say,

as far as me cruising all over the lake it's a no no, I am taking my kid with me so if it's ice free I just stick to the shore line, I am planning to rent a paddle boat for a day, not taking my own boat.

Well how is the fishing there ??? flycaster says big rainbows and big brookies, I read that the lake is also stocked every spring,

What fly should I use, I am still quite new to fly fishing, and know nothing about insects yet, well very little.... I never fished in such a clear water, I mean on the photos from the web it looks like heaven there :laugh: , it is just stunning how beautiful the lake is.

Now if the lake will be frozen ? , as I never thought that would be such a big lake, is there any other smaller lakes near Jasper that have trout fishery ?? I would love to explore the national park, I've been there only once just visiting for a day.


Well any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks ! :cheers::fishing:

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Try Pyramid Lake, just outside the townsite. It's much smaller than Maligne, and you can probably tie into some rainbows.

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I don't know where you heard about the stocking....to my knowledge, stocking in the parks was discontinued several years ago. It is part of the "plan" by one Ms Copps to let the fisheries in the Parks return to their "natural" status. In other words, no stocking of RB's or Brookies because they are NOT native.

But, don't get me going on this one...as I suspect the real reason is just to reduce costs!

There has been very little stocking of "non native" species ever since the Jasper hatchery shut down many many years ago...and, I think it's been at least 7 or 8 years since any non-native stocking has taken place!


Back to your question...If Maligne is still ice bound, enjoy and soak up the fantastic scenery!!!!

Tuber's suggestion is very good if you are keen to fish now...if Pyramid is ice free...give it a try...but not for the rainbows...the lakers are close to the surface when the ice comes off. Check the regs though for opening dates...they change frequently....I have not checked them yet for this year!


I agree with TerryH...best time to fish this area of the Parks is later in the season...Maligne and Medicine are both good then...also consider Jacques Lake ( a short hike from the end of Medicine).


In general, other than the spots mentioned above (and a few others) fishing in the Parks is poor...largely due to their no stocking policy.

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Thanks Flycaster,


Yep I just came accross a website Maligne Lake Lodge or something, they have posted that the lake is being stocked every year.,

I am not sure of anything I read of the net as anyone can write anything.

I also heard from a friend of mine that the lake has hardly any fish, he happend to fish the lake twice last year and caught nothing.

The water looks so clear, it is a sin that they don't stock it,

I phoned the Pyramid Lodge and they confirmed that the Pyramid lake is ice free, I think I will try this one instead.

Has anyone been fishing there last year ???,

and yes the lakes open May 19 a $10 dollar fee per day for fishing in Provincial Parks.

I just would like to hear some more positive stories from last year regarding fishing Maligne or Pyramid Lake. :rolleyes:



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Maligne Lake has not been stocked for many, many, years. Both the rainbows and brookies reproduce on their own, and have been doing so since the 30's. Parks staff did not stock the lake even when they were still stocking other lakes in the park like Patricia, Leach Lake, etc. By the way Morph1, Jasper is a National Park not a Provincial Park.

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Hey Guys,


I concur with Terry's view of stocking at Maligne and the other lakes. As a fisher of the park, I don't think any place has been stocked inside the park in years (except maybe the stocking of some whitefish in the lakes around the JPL).


Regarding the park license, Why not buy the season license? Do you know that there is a "get in the park fee" permit too? I normally buy the park fishing season license and the yearly park pass. A double wallet Whammy!




Alberta Al

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It is true. Parks Canada has not stocked lakes in Jasper for about ten years now.

Any fisheries there are self supporting.


Maligne Lake at this time of year is best fished near the main lodge, although read the regs carfully as the area close to the outlet is closed. Use streamers trolled slowly from a boat.


Medicine Lake is closed till June 30, mostly due to low water levels.

The Maligne River between Maligne Lake and Medicine Lake is fly fishingonly but is closed until August 1, ostensibly to protect the wood ducks

Never fished Jacques Lake. It's closed now year round.


Pyramid can be fished, but shore access to good water is a bit tough.

Patricia has small rainbows but is closed until June 30.

Lakes 3, 4 & 5 in valley of the five lakes can be fished, but all I ever saw there were small brookies.


You might try Moab Lake. It's a short hike. Again shore access is tough as it's well treed with steep slopes around most of it.


Yu can also fish the Athabasca River for bulls. Try the mouth of the Maligne and Snaring Rivers. Be very careful though. It's water levels will be high and moving fast.


You can't use lead or more than one hook per line and you can't fish at night,


And yes, there are park entrance fees: about $10 per adult $20 family, Annual annual $65 adult, $125 family. Camgrounds in Jasper run about $25 per night.

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For Snaring :


Take a fly (any streamer should do), and tie it on a spincast. Tie a piece of coat hanger underneath it, wound back on itself to resemble a Breast Cancer Ribbon, or something of the sort. This will keep the fly from getting hung up - the bottom's pretty rocky.


Stand under the bridge @ Snaring just before it hits the Athabasca. Cast quarter up and strike everything. An indicator has helped me in the past, but then you have to be using a spinning reel to get the whole damn rig out there. Its a great little stretch right at the campground until the bridge.


Tight Lines.

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Sorry for this late reply...It's probably too late for morph1 to see before his trip..

But... here is the link to the Parks fishing regs(synopsis)Park fishing synopsis


@ Dave; Yes I see that they have also closed Jacques year round now....it was an undiscovered little gem...it has been about a dozen years since I fished it last.

As for the fishing closure of Maligne river till August 1 due to protection of the wood ducks...I know that was the "official" reason....but, did they also ban the whitewater rafters on that reach of river during that time?


The mountain parks as a fishing destination?...daily fishing license + daily park pass + Hotel accomodation + gas + Jasper resaurant food...for lakes that haven't been stocked in years = the main reasons I haven't seriously fished the parks for at least ten years.

For any of you that remember what fishing was like there in the 60's to 80's, compared to now...you will understand.

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