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Had to work in Camrose today, noticed all the water in the ditches and high levels in the sloughs and dugouts. Just wondering WHY IS MUIR RECEEDING SO FAST? ISN'T IT SPRING , WITH SNOW RUNOFF OR IS THAT NO RUNOFF!!!!!!!!!I'TS A SAD SITUATION!!!!!!! <_ is it all the new acreages out there trees lawns washing diapers src="http://nlft.org/forum/uploads/emoticons/default_fish.gif" alt=":beating:">:beating::vikinjg::

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My uneducated guess would go something like this:


1. Acreages that were not in the area 20 years ago draw water from the water table (which used to support the lake also)


2. Changes to the natural flow of runoff in the area has likely reduced the runoff which may have fed the lake at some point.


3. Reduced snow volumes over the last few years... ish?


That's my gut take... anyone care to validate or counter?

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Funny thing is. the lake to the west if muir that used to join up with it is higher then I've seen since we started working on Muir. Hmmmmmm.....??????

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What a wonderful rain!!! It rained over 2" on our south side home the last few days, I certainly hope Muir got that much and more!!!! :vdaylove::fish_jump: PaulF did you check your raingage

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Can someone give me directions to Muir lake? Should I bring some type of float or boat out or can I shore fish it? Any restrictions on boats?

Click below, type in your address, and you'll be able to find your way there from anywhere. You can fish from dock or shore, but a tube or toon would be the best way to fish it.




Example, type in 'Edmonton, AB' as starting address, or your own home address, whatever you like.


Link Says For Edmonton


Google says to go a little bit different way... but I usually just drive East on Yellowhead, till I hit the new Campsite Road overpass 274... go North till I hit the stop sign way at the top of the hill on Range Road 540... then hang a left before the bend in the road. If you don't turn there... you'll be in the lake. Either way will get you there.



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