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afternoon off

Dragon Troller

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Dragon Troller do let us know how you did and the condition of the lake. Since I've moved out to Stony I want to make the trip to Star a regular thing. That just might be the lake I get the new rubber raft wet in first.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_jump:


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Heh. I'd hate you but you're so beautiful.


Anyway. Heading to Swan tomorrow (Fri.) morning if possible. If I can see the lake through the rain. Mostly I just want to play around with my outboard some more.It has to go better than my first outing with it on Saskatoon Lake on Tuesday night. There was only 30-50 ft of open water, and some of it shallow, so I start cutting up and down. Broke off some ice floes, which in turn went under the boat and knocked my outboard off the transom.


So the wife has a mental image (no pic, sorry) of me hugging the motor for dear life in 12' of water at full throttle. I think I should get one of those cable dohickeys before I do some serious damage. :)

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