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TBA: May 2nd, Meeting


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I'm working on it as I type??

Almost done.

I only got the final program info today and at that Dennis and I had to make a couple of things up.

Tonight Dennis is doing 2 of his Muir Lake flies, Lamma Leech and Backswimmer.

As soon a I proof read the latest version, I'll make a PDF and e-mail it off to you.



Dave (Sparkie), is this ready for posting yet? Can you fwd me a copy to my "work" account so I can post to the website, and update this section if it is.


What's on the Agenda for tonight?

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Tyer: Dennis Southwick


Pattern: Improved Llama Leech

Hook: Size 12 - Mustad 9672

Thread: 6/0 black

Bead: Red Tungsten

Tail: Olive Llama or Marabou

Body: Olive Crystal Chenille

Collar: Dark Green Mallard Flank


Pattern: Muir Lake Backswimmer


Hook: Size 10 - Mustad scud hook

Thread: 6/0 black

Body: Opal holographic super flash

Back: Black craft foam

Legs: Black rubber legs


Comment: Dennis will demonstrate two patterns of his own design that are useful for local ponds.

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