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Stocked trout lakes

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Hey Terry,


Back in the day, eh. Me too. Those Sand County wigglers were very good for trout in Aldo Leopold's old stomping grounds.


I've carried my share of bait back in the old country, but never did use a spin rod with lures for trout. But we did use a strange rig as kids that was composed of a spin rod and reel, cortland 333 cheapo line, and cork bass poppers for those big rainbows at the Maxon ponds.





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I think most of us old f@rts started out with a coffee can of worms and a bait or spin rod.

And yes, even with that you can't just chuck and wait.

It does require some skill, particularly in moving water.

Spin rod, single small flasher and worm rig fished under a log jam was my first fish.

And I caught a lot of Kokanee as a kid with willow leaf, rubber band, hook and worm

and expert rowing technique.

I've also spin fished a lot including going for redfish in Louisiana.

All of which requires a modicum of skill.

I guess my comment on bait being less sporting was sort of three pronged.

1. Fish take bait deeper and as a result they don't fight as well, are more easily landed and injured.

2. Non-bait requires a better understanding of where, when and why fish bite.

3. Fishing with a fly generally requires fooling the fish into thinking something artifical is real

as opposed to offering the real thing where no fooling is involved or provoking a territorial response.

It's sort of like the difference between tracking down a wild deer so you can get close enough for a good shot versus potting one on a game farm.

I agree we need to change the "catch em only to et em" attitude because the real sport and recreation is in the catching, not the eating.

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