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Looks good

Michael Dell

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Michael -


We were hoping that we could use that as a Guess the FlyFisher contest entry - but alas - we figured you'd catch that quickly.


I'm thinking we'll change it regularly with Club member photo's - just to keep it interesting :)


You are right on track updating the URL - www.nlft.org is the new, and (I hope) permanent url.

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Fantastic work guys. I like very much. I will get a hold of Dave and get the number for the people with the old page shut down and forwarded to our new page. Couple of things first how do you post pic on this page and second I've heard mention Avatars I think I know what they are but how do make one.


Again Thank guy for the great work. :clap::cheers::clap:


Tight lines Always

Dennis S


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If you want to attach an image it must be under 100K in size. There is a Browse button under most of the forum subjects, but not all. Click browse to select your image, and it should show as a thumbnail.


If you click "My Controls" you will find a menu where you can change things like your "avatar" and your signature. There are a few premade avatars in the base gallery. You are also free to upload your own. Mabey a beer or two could convince one of the fishing geeks to customize your own.


I think that we will be doing a demo at the club some night. We can go through some of these things at that time.

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Looks good guys.


This is pretty much the same software as the Fish BC forum so it's pretty easy to navigate. A lot better choice of Smilies here, especially the all so fitting one for Lance.


Just picked up an Olympus C-750, now I'm waiting for my new computer so that I can actually utilize the camera...should have it before the end of the week.


I went a little trigger happy on a drift down the Cowichan R on Sunday. Incredible hatches of Western March Browns and 3 variety of Caddis happening. Unfortunately the river was very busy (felt like I was drifting the Bow) but that is to be expected on only the second weekend that the entire river is open.


Michael, shoot me your address and I'll send you that Polar Bear that I promised you last summer. :o


Scott Rowan

Victoria, BC

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