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Cross your Fingers

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Let em pass along all the false rumours they want.

The rumour might keep it from being a bowl of cherrios opening day,

but 'm heading out there on May 1 or 2

Aerators in too late?

Not bloody likely since they went in while there was lots of open water and before heavy snow cover.

Winter kill in lakes with no aerators, springs or freshwater inlets is possible.

Its usually heavy snow cover, blocking light to the aquatic plants, subsequent plant die off and decomposition that drives O2 down to suffocate the fish.

Small, shallow lakes and ponds suffer more quickly than large, deep ones.

Aerators counter the effect quite nicely.

I also heard that our friendly neighbourhood fisheries biologist found good O2 samples at Muir mid winter.

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Last night Stephen noted that they had gottten some low O2 readings, but was unsure if that meant a fish kill. But some of our guys were out there on the weekend removing the aerators and saw fish rising in the open water, so it looks promising that there was either a no or limited fish kill. Stephen also noted that they had planned on reduced stocking this year, but may adjust that with more and larger fish depending on the found survivability.

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I just recieved the following info from a Fisheries officer in the area


"We have done some dissolved oxygen sampling this spring and it definitely doesn't look good for Chickakoo, which isn't a surprise because it winterkills fairly regularly and this past winter was a tough one.  Muir also had low dissolved oxygen levels when tested, even close to the open water of the east aerator, so it's a concern, but winterkill hasn't been confirmed.  If you could get out there come May 1 (or whenever the ice comes off after that) and let us know if you're catching any fish it might save us having to set a gill net in the lake to see if anything survived.  As for Star, it wasn't tested and I personally haven't heard any rumours of winterkill there.  All 3 lakes will be stocked again this May."


I'm not sure if it is good news or not unfortunately

We'll let yah know how Muir is fishing on May 1st. ;)



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