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What is the best reason for getting new waders?


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Hey Folks,


Last Friday night, I couldn't find my brand new 5mm neoprene waders. Looked high and low. Finally after about an hour of looking I told Janine (wonderful wife) that I was gong to buy new waders at Dave's shop, as I still haven't found that slow leaker on my Orvis goretex waders. She didn't even blink an eye when I said I was going to buy new waders.


As it turns out, I was the only one who didn't know what happened to my brand new neoprene waders. My 16 year old boy (Ned) is quite the archer, and he practices downstairs all the time. He put his target up near my tying materials in the corner of the basement. Apparently, he jerked an arrow. And guess where it hit - buried into my brand new neoprenes. Ned decided it was best to adios my new waders, and my wonderful wife agreed with him.


So on Saturday, I forked over some money to Dave. The Wardell's are nice.


Any other good wader stories out there?

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Isn't it funny that he told Mom, but not Dad?


Wow.... wouldn't you have been pissed had you not looked earlier? Like just before you left for the Smoky? On a sunday? Without an open store in sight?


You could have fixed a clean cut - no problem.

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Alan's new waders.... again.


Posted Image


And.. my new pair.


Posted Image


Breathable waders!! OMG.... buy them! I can't believe I went 15+ years without owning a pair until now. Do yourself a favor next time your looking to buy waders (or a sausage casing as Wally likes to call them) -- get some breathable ones! The Hodgeman ones I picked up at the FH show for just $119.95, a far cry from what they were years ago.


I used the Sponge Bob plastic pants BARE waders (lightweight) for the last two years (and loved them), as they were much nicer on hot days then my 4mm and 5mm Springbrook neoprenes. However, not too breathable. Can you say boot fulls of sweat! Get the breathables and layer up for them cold days. Nuff said!


Posted Image


PS - Susssssh. My wife doesn't know I bought the $300 TFO 2wt combo yet from Fish Tales... I want to keep it that way.


PPS - As far as wader stories go. I've been on the stream with Mikey D when he bought a brand new pair, only to see him tear them up on a barbed wire fence the first day he wore them. Also, our mutual buddy Jim Stangowitz as you know is the KING OF AQUASEAL. I think he wore the same pair for over 10 years and it looked like he was with Bonny & Clyde during the gun fight it had so many patched holes. Basically, it was an Aqua Seal Suit. Yeah, AS can only go so far! :)


PPPS - I also bought a wader belt extra, only to find out later when I got back from the Bow that they actually included one! DOH!



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So you, like your new pair of "rubber pants" eh?

I thought I told you before that good breathables are worth their weight in gold.

Hope you got a pair with extra layers at the knees and seat.

They come in handy when you back into a raspberry bush

and for kneeling and praying to the fish gods.

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....... Get the breathables and layer up for them cold days. Nuff said! ........



I agree 200% about the breathables. I haven't worn my 5mm neoprenes for at least 5 years. For me, it's breathables all the way, 12 months of the year. Also, I recommend going to Mountain Equipment Coop and buying a pair of their fleecy pants. They give you an extra layer of warmth when the ice floes are floating by, and they're only around $30. Terry
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I agree with Terry, except I go for the boot foot waders in the winter. Easier to get into and out of when you are hopping around on the snow. Otherwise I use either my Red Ball lightweights (not breathable, but very functional) with polypro long johns and a couple layers of fleece pants, or I use my Bare breathables (except I have to send them for repairs now because of an unfortunate move on the creek last year).


Lance is right about me and barbed wire. Every good pair of waders I have had has been punctured by a fence on the first trip. It's my good luck charm.



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