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Bow River - Saturday, April 7th - 2007


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Alberta Alan, Scratch and I hit the Bow River on Saturday (after stopping in at Fish Tales first to buy myself a new 2wt rod / reel / line and case, and Alan got some new Gortex waders). We hit the Bow near Fish Creek Park, Carsland Below 24 Bridge, and McKinnon Flatts.


Great day! I landed 4 browns, and 1 rainbow (almost one right after the other at Fish Creek, Scratch landed 6 that day, and Alan landed about as many as well).


All taken on my SJW bead head pattern that I cranked out the day before.




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Way to go big guy...what a great day on the Bow. You, Scratch and Alan sure took your share of some very nice looking fish.


Let's see now, new SUV, new waders, new vest, new........ , fly shops must now be very happy.


Nice job guys and thanks for posting the pics.



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Hey Vince,


Dave Blair hugged us all when we left. It was a good day for him. Great shop, and the Blair's are good folks.


Fishing was good. Lanny and Scratch caught mostly browns, but I caught mostly rainbows.


The weather was good and real cold depending on the moment. Them new waders are nice.


I think Lanny's fishing success was because he was wearing that cool hat!!!!





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AA, yer right... it must have been the black hat over my eyes with the dark glasses. I could not see absolutely anything, so it was like Jedi training. I had to use the Force to find the fish.


Speaking of.. SnoWolf... we need to get Scratch one of these for his Birthday at Dolberg this year.




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