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April 25th - Hopper Madness


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Paul said he may not be able to attend this as per DennisS -- so he may tackle the tying demo instead.


Tyer: Paul Fitt

Pattern: Paul’s Hopper

Hook #6 or #8 – 3x long

Thread 6/0 black

Body: Foam – closed cell in a variety of colors


Comment: Lately Paul has been working on realistic flies, but this time out he will throw us a curve by tying up his variation of an all foam hopper.




Pattern: SA Hopper

Hook Wet fly - # 8 to # 14 - 2XL

Thread 6/0 or 8/0 tan

Tail: Red Deer Hair

Rib: Tan Hackle

Body: Yellow craft foam

Underwing: Crystal Flash

Wing: Natural Deer Hair

Thorax: Yellow Dubbing

Hackle Grizzly saddle


Comment: This pattern was developed by a Roman Scharabun, an NLFT&F member who passed away in 2005. The pattern evolved from a Sofa Pillow but was designed to

incorporate strike triggers and float in the surface film

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...sorry for not being able to demonstrate this fly, unable to attend on that evening...so, anyways here is the recipe and picture for reference...




...Hook: Streamer hook size 8 - 4...

...Thread: Black 6/0...

...Tag: Yellow Foam...

...Body: Orange foam(lower), Brown Foam(upper)(can use any color of your choice)...

...Head: Brown Foam from Body...

...Legs: Yellow Round Rubber Hackle(can use color of your choice)...

...Eyes: Googly Doll Eyes...

...Antennae: Green Round Rubber Hackle(can use any color of your choice)...

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...nope...a slight variation of the original pattern...added a couple of items for looks...changed up the colors as well...

I hope you can arrange to demo another night. Some neat new techniques I see in tying this one to be shared. Thanks!
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