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April 11th - Golden Stone Nymph


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Tyer: Dale Johnson

Pattern: Golden Stone Nymph

Hook: size 6 to 8 nymph 3X long - Mustad 9672

Thread: 6/0 brown Uni-thread

Weight: .025 - .035

Tail: goose biots, gold, amber, Lt. brown

Shellback: turkey tail segment, coated with flexcement

Rib: Larva Lace Nymph Rib #60

Abdomen: Scintilla #64, or antron mixture

of Ligas #63, 34, 31

Wingcase: same as shellback

Thorax: same as abdomen


Comment: Two years ago Dale was the Iron Fly Tyer, so you know his presentation will be interesting and skillful. Dale will also tie a Bead Head Midge Larvae and if time permits a Larva Lace Midge and a Stone-Hopper Dry Fly.




Pattern: Chironomid Emerger

Hook Dry fly - # 10 to # 16

Thread 6/0 to 8/0 black

Rib: Fine red wire

Body: Black thread

Thorax: Peacock herl

Gills: White Anton


Comment: This is a pretty generic type of emerger for use on the local ponds. If we have time I’ll show a CDC variation

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Sorry I couldn't hang out out at the meeting tonight.... needed a wing and beer night (ugh stressful day). So, I just dashed into the library quick like to return the Marc Petitjean Magic Head DVD. I did not want to get in troubles with Jerry. OBTW, those Magic Heads are the poo -- get some and watch this video!




Anyways, I was quite impressed while I was downstairs to see all the new tyers there. Dave and helper (sorry missed the other members name), did a great job on tutoring -- I listened in for a bit, and solid instruction was being given. You should be commended on your efforts!




PS - Mmm.... wings.


Posted Image


PPS - Mmmm... beeer... and buddies. Dolberg Klave 4/0 can't come soon enough!!




Posted Image

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Sorry I missed joining you last night, Scratch and Lance. Unfortunately I was in T.H.'s for another reason and couldn't join you. I've missed the wing and beer thing at Runways. Wiyh everyone going to Timmys all the time I've not bothered. Maybe we can make it another time.



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