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Edmonton Trout Club Auction?


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When is this event again? Someone mentioned something about it at the NLFTF meeting yesterday. Is it for *TONIGHT* March 15, 2007, re-scheduled for next week, or already passed? Tonight would be poor timing for an auction with the Outdoor Show on already.. that.. or some good deals to be had.


Please let us know what's going on ETFC members! Thanks!




They currently have it listed under 'Recent Events' on their webpage... with no last updated date and year on it.... so confusing. :blink:




"March 15 - The Auction! This is a critically important and fun event. It is where our club generates its funds to do its good deeds and where the members get a chance to trade in some equipment that they may no longer need. Gregg has been passing around ‘ask’ letters and members have been taking them to local businesses. If you would like a letter please call Gregg or anyone on the executive.


The auction is a lot of fun and there is always some great stuff to bid on. Some of the items that were there last year included trips, shadow-boxed salmon flies, fly assortments, rods, reels, unique collectibles, books, handicrafts, fishing secrets, and assorted valuable items too numerous to mention on this newsletter.


If you are bringing items to catalogue please arrive at 6:30, the auction starts at 7pm and we need to start promptly because there will be a lot of great items to buy.


Feel free to bring yourself, your friends, aquaintances that have spending habits and anyone you know who has recently won the lottery! This is our biggest event of the year - see you there."

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