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May 26-27, Dolberg Lake 4/0 Klave


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I'm sorry but was'nt the klave supposed to be a fishing trip? A few (one or two) drinks around a fire after a day of fishing is not a problem, but I here that things got a little nasty Saturday night!

I'm also embarssed that our guests from the north country witnessed the behaviour. Fly fishers are supposed to be gentlemen. That is not to say that an eletism exists in the comumity of fly fishers, but at least juvenile behaivoir is not expected.


Sorry for the spelling and grammer, but I am truely miffed and glad that I did not bring my Wife out to the klave Saturday night as we planned!



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Yes I did get out of hand and would ask that NLFT and Flyangler folks not be judged based on my lack of respect on that night.

They as a group are some of the best people I have met and certianly they did not expect my evening taking the direction that it did.

I am not one to apologize very often but due to the fact that I feel the way I do about this group I feel I must.


You can rest assured that if you happen to see me pull into where you are staying you do not have to pack up and run as this is not the way I usually conduct myself.



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I think its not being suggested that we're a bunch of teatotlers. But as adults there is a certian amount of maturity and consideration expected no matter what amt you drink or what ever. There has been lots of Klaves in the past and lots of drinking and shanagins going but respect of group and other campers was always maintain. This Klave just got a little out of control. i suppose we should expect this to happen on occassion and thats why we have not really brouch this subject lets go foward and learn from our mistakes. Can't wait for the next Klave see you there Jim.



Tight Lines always

Dennis S.


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