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May 26-27, Dolberg Lake 4/0 Klave


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You are right Dave

I guess we won't be heading out to Dolberg this year!!!

Lance just so put a damper on that thought!!

P :vikinjg::

Pauline - you get the exemption... since everyone knows - you are the one dragging Frank out to these things! (Snicker...) You are BOTH coming out this year.... RIGHT? :)


I even have your WonderWoman costume prepared....


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Careful Ranger Bob;

You might find the dime lady on your trail.

Nope, not even Candice Bergman (a.k.a. Sprint's Dime Lady) has confirmed she will be attending the Klave this year. We haven't had a single 'Girly Girl' out for this Klave in the three years prior. Must be the lavatory condition, and lack of ESC hookups, so it looks like it will be up to us HE-MEN to do all the cooking and cleaning again, and gutting fish with our teeth.


SnoWolf is excluded, however, from doing Scratches dishes this year though, and I thought we were dressing Frank up in the costume this year if Pauline let him go up? Alan show up for a Northern Klave?! Bah.. I doubt it.. :whipped: - but if he does.. he has to bring his Kilt along fer sure and spend some time... in Darren's Tent.


Hum Ditty Dum.. Ditty.. Dum... "HE-MAN WOMAN HATERS CLUB THEME SONG"


Posted ImagePosted Image


Order this stock product here below, or maybe we look to photo shop something up. Dolberg is definitely t-shirt worthy though... something with a tent... fortune cookies... fireworks... CSI.... uhm... no this one definitely could not be posted on the Internet.




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Can you imbed a count down clock in this thread??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


I hope you can Posted ImagePosted Image

I am Ranger... hear me GEEK! Posted Image




Dolberg Klave Starts On:

May 23, 2007


In just 14 days

8 hours 44 minutes.



Have added it to the main NLFTF website now also. Sno, so you and I.. and womever else is headed out May 23rd... what I set it to.. and coming back on the May 28th. Ugh... so little time... so much beer to pack.

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Wendnesday May 23, 2007

UBER Keeners arrive to pick out the REALLY best spots.. that would be SnowWolf & Ranger Bob


Thursday May 24, 2007

Keeners arrive to pick out the so so spots


Friday May 25, 2007

Many of the crowd arrive after work friday


Saturday May 26, 2007

Scratches birthday, and the day those with spawn generally are allowed to arrive. Communal Dinner for all klavers who are close together. Scotch and other libations will be consumed. Stories will be told. Fireworks may or may not be lit. Slingshots and lasers are common here, as are trips to the bushes to 'REBOOT'.


Sunday May 27, 2007

Fishing will begin in earnest - as there are only a few days left! Some of the crowd must depart for work monday, while others will be arriving.... it's a mess.


Monday May 28th, 2007

Most will leave for end of day - because the body stench may be impacting fishing. Or not.


Tuesday May 29th, 2007

Die hards leave the lake, saddened and tearyeyed. Till next year.... sniiffff.

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Rick Lang & Myself will be there for sure on Sunday barring any last minute changes. May even get part of Sat & campfire Sat night. Will bring lots of 5-Alive & scotch :coffeetime:


See all on the weekend.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_jump:


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I have been looking forward to making this trip since last year, and since my SPAWN, as some of you call it, has an overnight birthday party to attend, it looks like I might just make it for the Saturday night; although after reading the comments about women coming, I must advise you all that I am not coming along to cook OR do dishes.


p.s. MEN in wonder women costumes...I woldn’t miss it for the world!!


See you all Saturday



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Mel -


All the "Manly" BS aside - we would welcome you to the Klave. If you make it for Saturday - a small group of us usually does a potlock meal, and you are welcome to join in - but that's the extent of any 'cooking' expectations. :)


Hope to see you there!

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I'm sorry I won't make the Klave until Sunday. -_-

I'd be very interested to watch RB fall down afer drinking The Lagavulin. :lol:

And of course, to see him subsequently dressed in a wonderwoman costume. :rolleyes:


I'm coming up to baptise Zoie regardless, but may bring Rick or some other reprobate along, :boat:

at a time designed to get on the lake before the Saturday revellers are up and about. :drinked:

Say anytime before noon? :catch:

Edited by dave robinson
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I'll be coming from Whitecourt, does anyone know the best way to get there from here. I heard that I take the Greencourt turn off, but after that I am not sure. Is it at a campground, and if it is, is it just called Dolberg campground...is it easy to find?

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According to Google maps:

From Greencourt take highway 18 (918?) (also known as RR 582)

It's paved all the way to Barrhead.

Option 1

On pavement the most distanec and less likely to get lost

Take 18 east of Greencourt

Stay on 18 until it turns north, just east of Thunder Lake (close to Barrhead)

then go north (about 8 miles) to RR 655 (its paved) and head west.

Follow 655 west (past the Tiger Lilly turnoff) until you run out of road.

The pavement ends 5 miles or so before the lake.

Option 2

This route will shave about 25 miles off the trip but has more gravel.

And you'll have to watch road turns and range road signs.

Take 18 east of Greencourt

Highway 18 takes a turn north about 30 miles east of Greencourt (at township road 757)

it then goes northeast for about a mile then swings straight north for 7 miles.

Then it swings eastward to run northeast for a bit over 2 miles then swings straight east.

About a mile after it swinges east turn left onto the gravel road that heads north.

10 miles north you will hit RR 655. Turn left and follow it to the lake



Here's the google link.


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...Hey Mel...

...I'm not computer savy enough to put links on the board, but if you click onto Dave's google map link, then click on where it says to get directions, there will be two boxes to type info into...in the first box type whitecourt,alberta...then in the next box type in 54.154650,-115.057350...then click on get directions and a map should appear showing you the route to dolberg...

...once the map appears, you have the option of which map to use, upper right hand corner...(map...satellite...hybrid)...you probably already knew this, but just in case...

...hope this helps...

...if you are there saturday, I'll probably see you there...


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I'd be very interested to watch RB fall down afer drinking The Lagavulin. :lol:

Been there... done that Klave. Hyup, just got blowed back in. Nope, falling down drunk was left entirely for other nameless fools this year. Nothing but fishing for me -- and big fish there were. In fact on my first cast last Wednesday I caught two at a time on a tandem fly rig (Doc's Xmas Chronie and a Silkworm). Too bad the rest of the event did not go like that.


Aye, sadly, we have come to the conclusion that this will be the last Dolberg Klave organized by us. So, consider this one DOLBERG FORE! At least Scratch and I owned the place on Sunday night... well just us and the bears as it was back in the beginning. We'll pick up the tradition again for ourselves in the future at some other Mystery Lake, and attendance to be by personal invite only. Perhaps the NLFT&F club will carry on some of the traditions we've passed on here at this Lake... sans a few... but we (Scratch and I) are done organizing any Kalves here for the foreseeable future.


Ergo, I have only one picture to share of us leaving a rather blustery, but otherwise very quiet, lake today. Perhaps later on I'll share a short video clip of a brown bear that I was gonna nude wrestle for Pauline coming out of the ladies washroom. Yeah, I'll post that to my Blog later when I am done unpacking.




See also related posts:





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Rick Lang & Myself will be there for sure on Sunday barring any last minute changes. May even get part of Sat & campfire Sat night. Will bring lots of 5-Alive & scotch :coffeetime:


See all on the weekend.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_jump:


Apparently, not enough. I got your Five-Alive right here. Shore to ship delivery too. Nice Kodiaks boys... they look like just the ticket... and I see your Cabanna boy here was un-impressed when I brought the mix along as he no longer had to make drinks for you to earn his keep. LOL!


Just digging bear footage off my laptop to post to my blog now. The rest of the fishy photos will be posted to my Flickr account for subscribed Friends and Family members -- "RB's Inner Sharing Circle Of Trust." After all, we don't want every Tom, DICK, and Harry showing up at these events in the future.



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Hmm.... RB nude wrestling a bear for beer ... Now that would be an interesting sight indeed..... WWF Dolberg....




As YOU know I am always HERE but to serve up the UBER-BEST content as per usual... (this is after all post number 4,090 for me but who's counting eh?)... and I do it all on account of my good giving free natured spirit... until now. :) Here are a few still photos I took as I taunted this bear for you coming out of the fish cleaning station, right where I left me beer on too earlier, afterwards he entered the "HE-MAN-WOMAN HATERS CLUB HOUSE" (a.k.a. The Womans Washroom up at Dolberg this year -- it's almost always cleaner then the mens room.)


Of course, when Yogi appeared I tried to spin myself around to change into a "Wonder Woman" outfit like yerself just about when he decided to take a charge at me. However, I think I only managed to crap my golden panties instead. After that...oh well... the rest is Klaving History. So, the moral of the story is... come be part of the company, or be part of the conversation... making Klaving history.... or stay until after dark and hear that your are part of the conversation. Either way, It appears to make no difference until you REALLY PISS SOME FOLKS off.


Yeah, you missed out on this years Klave -- but -- did you miss much apparently? Oh well, the full bear video will soon be up on my blog.. or maybe... I should charge for admission. Anyways, I am sure you and Frank can expect a "personal invite" to next years Mystery Lake Klave wherever we ultimately decide to have it.


Hope you can make it -- and bring your bracelets along so we can bounce BB's off of them and you can defend me against bear claws. :)


post-65-1180401524_thumb.jpg post-65-1180401710_thumb.jpg post-65-1180401630_thumb.jpg




post-65-1180400554_thumb.jpg post-65-1180400888_thumb.jpg post-65-1180400904_thumb.jpg


Right. I'm afraid I mis worded my question. Will there be other wives & children there ?


Doubtful, and INDEED they would not enjoy the messy poopers next to the fish bonking station... where Grizzly Bears and Wild Boars tread. Frankly, the rest of the accommodations are lousy and kids would not be easily entertained, unless they like to collect and cut firewood all day. I have camped in the muddy parking lot on occasion.... it was better then most campsites there. The fishing is only 'so so' (marginal at best) which makes it just bearable enough to come back grudgingly each year.


PS - The lake is full of leeches too, and I wouldn't swim in it on a bet.



Wow. How do you keep the throngs of fisherpeople away ? lol.



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or stay until after dark and hear that you are part of the conversation

This is where I have spent most of my life

part of the conversation

and fun it is!!!!!!


On more than one occasion I have been the cause of the conversation and fun it was as well.


If there is one thing life has taught me the last few years is that in an instant it can all be over.


Enjoy it while you can!!!!!

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RB thanks for the 5 Alive it hit the spot. :coffeetime: it was a great time out on the water. Manage to get a bit of a burn but we survived. Cabana boy did great out fished me big time. I have to break down and buy a full sink line that was the only difference in our fishing Cabana boy had type 4 and i had a type 2 I was using the same flies as him. The Zodie worked great still a little work to do but that will come with time. Need wet bar & umberalla next.


We will have to get togeather and do some fishing maybe with Cabana boy and the Sasillian mad man and his new Uboat.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_jump:


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Yes, Sunday was a fine day.

Zoie got baptized and my front anchor rig worked like a charm.

I'm going to give the lawn chair idea a miss Dennis. Looks too precarious for my taste.

Thanks to Rick for the advice about the inflator at Wally Mart. Bought one yesterday.

Next time out Zoie will go together that much quicker.


Brian D. got 2/3 of his annual catch in one day. Way to go Brian!

BTW, I'll have membership cards for you tonight.


I'm both sad and glad I missed the earlier days at the event.

Sad because I understand I missed out on some fine single malt.

Glad because:

1. I got to see my daughter graduate with Honors

2. I didn't have a Bear (bare) encounter

3. I got a good night's sleep Saturday night


On that last note, I see we need to have another session on fishing etiquette.

Our last one covered streamside stuff and a bit about handling poachers.

But we may need to remind folks about a few other things such as:

1. Not keeping other campers awake after 11pm (some like to get up early to fish)

2. Not following other guys all over the lake or crowding their action.

3. Cleaning up your own capsite mess as well as the mess other idiots leave behind

4. Using judgement on how many really should attend a group outing due to campground & fishing area size.

5. How to effectively handle the bucket brigade who are clearly breaking the rules.

As a group we need to ensure that our outings are fun for everyone. An invitation usually carries with it certain expectations regarding numbers and behaviour. Maybe those expectations need to be more explicit in the invite so that others can respect the request.


And lastly, on my usual soapbox.

I was truly disgusted to see a few of the bucket brigade hauling their limit (and likely more) out of what has been to date a pretty good fishery. Seeing the remnants of the long weekend also causes one to pause. If that kind of "harvest" mentality persists, we'll soon find all lakes like this are devoid of decent fish and the recreational experience of all fishermen will be much poorer for it.

I think we as a club need to talk strategy about how to work, individually and as a group, to get change.

Sure there has to be room for those who want to take fish home. They pay taxes and vote too.

But then again so do we. Connservation and improved fishing experience advocates seem to be underrepresented in how our fisheries are managed by the governmet we pay taxes to and elect.

Personally I think we need to deliver that message loudly and more often to the politicians.

We need to work to ensure that a family (?) of two adults and three kids aren't permitted to have one licensee(likely) haul 25 + fish a day out of a lake, using barbed hooks. We need to lobby hard for more enforcement and for limits applying to the individual license and not to the licensee and each member of their extended family. I mean after all, isn't sport fishing supposed to be just that, SPORT, and not subsistence "harvest"?

Where's the sport in a 50 fish KILL over two days? Wtih better regs and enforcement, people could still catch the 50 fish, only keep a modest number for the campfire, and have a fishery that's of better quality and accessible to more people. Is that too much to ask?

Enough rant for now.

Edited by dave robinson
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The lawn chair thing needs a bit of work. It worked great for the front rider. not so well for the boat driver. There needs to be some work done there. I just need to figure out a way to put the umberalla in and still be able to cast and also work out the anchor thing. After seeing Emersons pump last night that will help also.


We will have to plan an evening out soon on either Muir or Star.


Talk to you soon.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_jump:


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I think the trick for the backseat driver would be to not put in the rear Zodiak removeable seat and possibly find a lawn chair with a smaller footprint. Either that or find one of those swivel seats you could attach to the Zodiak seat board. The real drawback to lawn chairs is that they take up the space you might want to use to stand up and cast and make boarding and disembarking troublesome. I found it quite comfortable to actually sit on the side pontoon for driving. No back support, but lots more legroom.

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