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Scott Campbell


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I don't know if you caught this or not but our old membership director Scott Campbell was seriously injured in an assault on the weekend... See the Sun article here:




It would appear that Scott was swarmed by 3 guys who beat and stabbed him for not giving them a ride in his Limo...



Think big fish and rest up buddy....

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Scratch mentioned this also at the club meeting tonight, for the rest of the Klan that is not on-line.


Apparently Scott was at last Wednesday's meeting before this happened.




Limo driver stabbed on first night out

Trio went on stabbing attack after driver refused to let them into limousine






EDMONTON - A limo driver, out on his first night on the job, is recovering in hospital after he was brutally swarmed and stabbed when he denied a trio of men a ride.


His employer says Scott Campbell is fortunate he wasn't hurt worse after he suffered three stab wounds just inches from his lungs and kidneys.


"I'm shocked," said Dave Lambert, who owns the Lincoln superstretch limousine Campbell was driving Friday night. "I told him when he was in the hospital, I said, 'What are you doing, driving the Titanic?'


"He's got some nice gashes in his back."


Campbell, who had just driven Lambert's son and seven friends to Lux Steakhouse and Bar, 10150 101 St., was parked outside at 9:30 p.m. Friday when he was approached by three young aboriginal men, said police Staff Sgt. Jerry Nash.


They asked for a ride and Campbell told them he already had a fare, said Nash.


Angry at the rebuff, the trio turned on the driver.


They came around to his side of the car and began touching it, said Lambert. Campbell was rising to get out of the vehicle when his assailants slammed him between the door and car, he said.


"They punched him in the nose and in the eye," said Lambert, adding he believes they intended to steal the car.


"They were smokin' him pretty good."


One of the assailants stabbed Campbell from behind, he added. That's when the burly ex-armoured car driver realized what was going on and started yelling, spooking his attackers into fleeing, said Lambert.


Campbell sat back inside the limousine, saw the blood soaking through his clothes and realized he'd been stabbed, said Lambert.


Lux Steakhouse owner Chris Lachance said the restaurant's general manager, Paul Greene, was told of the attack and raced outside to help. He helped Campbell through the restaurant and into the offices where he and staff gave him CPR and called 911.


"Had it not been for Paul, it could have been a lot worse," said Lachance, adding the attackers were not Lux customers.


Lambert's son soon called to tell him what had happened.


Paramedics took the driver to University hospital. His injuries were reportedly considered non-life threatening.


Lambert went to visit his driver Friday night.


And while Lambert said the attack seemed strange - "the cops even said it was like a freak accident" - he added it's getting to be a dangerous town for chauffeurs and cabbies.


"You just don't know what's out there," Lambert said.


Others agreed with him.


"It's getting very, very bad in the city," said Livio Vurtic, owner of Legends Limousine. "It's so dangerous, what we do."


Police seized the car to dust it for fingerprints.

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