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NLFT&F Charter Amendments


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You can download a copy of the Club Charter from the club's main page @ http://nlft.org or click here to get the PDF version:






The following proposed Charter Amendments were received by the February deadline for consideration, debate and vote at a Special General Meeting to be held in April.


Article 2 Section J – Revise - “Fisheries Tables” to read “Fisheries Consultation Groups”


Article 4 Section A - Delete - Reference to conflict of interest issues for members of the Club Executive


Article 4 Section A - Add – “Must be eligible to hold Alberta Fishing License”


Article 4 Section E - Revise Executive terms of office – “No executive member to hold same position for more than two consecutive terms and term length to be two years, with ½ executive on alternating terms.”


Article 4 Section E - Delete – “President’s term of office to be no longer than 2 years”


Article 4 Section F - Add – “Slate of candidates to be determined 10 days ahead of annual general meeting”


Article 4 Section F - Add – “Nominations shall be in writing”


Article 4 Section 4 – Add – “Duties and responsibilities for executive positions to be shall be made available to potential candidates for review prior to nominations”


Article 4 Section 4 – Add – “Nominations shall be accepted from floor only for vacant positions”


Article 5 Section A – Delete last sentence.


Article 8 Section B – Add – “The Annual General Meeting is to occur on the 3rd Wednesday of January at which time the election of club officers will take place and the club’s preceding year’s business and activities will be reported on.”


The following articles had proposals to correct spelling and grammatical errors. There is no change to change to intent function:


Article 1 Section E

Article 1 Section G

Article 2 Section G

Article 4 Section A

Article 8 Section A


The following articles had proposals presented for changes in narrative form that did not present specific wording for an amendment and were thus considered incomplete and will not be included in motions at the April meeting:


Article 3 Section F – Discussion regarding clarification of method of determining fines and publication return dates


Article 5 - Discussion regarding changes to Charter


This completes the proposed Charter Amendments.

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