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Wabamun lake


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The lake has really changed this season. Modifications to the outflow by Trans-Alta have drastically changed the outflow parameters, resulting in much higher flows, and turbidity.


That said - the water is still fishable - just with reduced likelyhood of hookups.


Take the main road into Wab from the highway. At the 4 way stop (with the docks straight ahead, turn right.


Exit town to the west, and before you cross the outflow next to the power plant, pull off the road near the green gate. DO NOT BLOCK THE GATE.


Hop the fence (at your own risk) cross the tracks (AT YOUR OWN RISK) and follow the fenceline to the water.



Good luck!



(See here for google maps http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&z=18&ll=53...003138&t=k&om=1 )

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Only if you can walk on water... which isn't recommended. ;)



The only open water is at the outflow from the power plant - and there really isn't much way to access it.


Transalta tends to turn a blind eye if you are respectful of their fences on the way in. There are plenty of game trails on the way in.



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