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Fly Fishing's "Spring Tune-Up"


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In the now immortal words of Roman here, spring can only be just around the corner. I feel my cabin fever rise just a little bit more reading this again.


Prepare your fly gear - rod, reel, leaders, waders - for the coming spring


"This time of year is usually accompanied by a boost in personal energy level. Though sometimes difficult to describe, we can "smell" spring in the air. As our semi-hibernation comes to a close we notice an increased desire to plan for upcoming outdoor events.


As fly fishers we begin thinking and planning not only our first trip of the year but future summer trips as well. In order to help maximize enjoyment from these trips some early spring preparation, in terms of checking supplies and performing routine maintenance on our equipment, is time well invested.


On a recent trip to the Crowsnest River in southern Alberta the fishing was so fast and furious on nymphs I was grateful my equipment did not lessen my experience but performed perfectly. Had my reel drag malfunctioned or my leader been old and weak more than one good fish would have missed a date with my camera.


Modern fly fishing equipment has helped all of us become more effective at our sport. Whether it is casting farther, wading more confidently or getting an extra long, drag free drift with our flies, the equipment we use is seldom the limiting factor. However, ignoring proper and timely maintenance can severely hamper not only our abilities as fly fishers but also our overall enjoyment of this placid, reflective activity. Although much of what follows can be viewed as just "common sense" it is all to often forgotten. Our overall enjoyment can be severely limited by an equipment problem. This article is intended as a checklist to help avoid trip disappointments."


Read More Here:


:: http://globalflyfisher.com/staff/scharabun/spring/index.html

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Yes, spring is just around the corner...I can smell it. Roman's article is a good one to read and thanks for posting the link to the full article. I've got a full meal deal of stuff I do to all of my equipment prior to the start of the year.



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