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Stauffer Creek


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From: john (pipercub17@hotmail.com)

Date: 04/06/2004 0:00

Subject: stauffer creek


Send Reply | Back hi guys

just whanted to let you know that there are to beaver

dams on the upper half and it has slowed the upper

half down and water level below the dams is low.

brookies are in the lower stretches.

beaver dams need to be removed before it causes big problems

the bathrooms by buck for wildlife have been destroyed

big stonefly hatch is going on right now

didn't see any browns all day when i was there

thank guys just thought that i would let you know



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So - we've seen it for ourself. The upper stretch from BFW is indeed a little scary. The large dam up top (less than 1/2 km upstream from BFW) is indeed playing havoc - and there are a few dams that are causing some serious overflow and silting up top. We took a little tour saturday with Mr. Dell - and he expressed a little concern over the state up top. There are a few really nice new pools as a result - but the overwhelming concern is the level of silting up top.


Looks like a july dam pulling trip is in the cards.


on the up side - the portion below BFW looks good - but we didn't go down to the lower 761 bridge section...


Small black stones are hatching - as are mays. A few surface takes - but nothing looked at our flies...


Saw a few browns swimming - and Michael spotted a little pike (unexpected on my part - would tried valiantly to tease it...)


Pretty place though - well worth the trip once a month or so. :)


(Edited: Added Image)


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