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Our only issue with doing video DL is the bandwidth concern - which - as you know Ranger-Bob - is scary.


Unless of course - you are simply talking about a library listing... which we should be able to accomodate.


Better still - a current 'who has what' or at least 'available / loaned' status....

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Listing of what we have is certanly do-able (<!-- Scope creep begin here -->).


My concern with creating a "who has what" system is that it creates alot of overhead for the person looking after the books. They would need to maintain this as well as look after the regular meeting duties.




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I agree. A list is acceptable. "Who has what" list would be a little more difficult to maintain, though there are many ways we could accomplish that. A laptop at the meeting to 'sign-out' and 'sign-in' books and videos would be one way. We could then simply update the list by uploading a word or excel doc. Only issue would be if a laptop doesn't show up with the latest file it wouldn't get updated that week. I guess the only question is How many books/videos are we talking? Would it be worthwhile to produce a simple DB to handle sign-outs, reviews, formats, etc.? Cool? :thumbup: Yes. Practicle? Remains to be said.

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I'd go for just a list of titles available. Dito for books in the library.

We don't need on line video, unless of course it's ofRanger Bobber

researching streambed fauna. ;)

And as to who has what, our librarian keps a paper record now,

but I see no need to make that info available to the general membreship.

Then again, an inventory of how big each memnber's rod is might be fun.


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