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Special Reg Proposal for Souther AB

Terry H

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I attended a meeting in Cardston on Tuesday night concerning the Police Outpost Lake proposal, and from what I saw and heard plus reports from the meetings in Ft. McLeod and Lethbridge, it's clear that getting approval for the change to special regulations for Police Outpost Lake is not going to be a slam-dunk. Therefore, I would like to remind all of you who appreciate Muir Lake to take the time to send an email to Terry Clayton indicating your support. Votes from fishermen anywhere in Alberta are all treated the same. Even if you don't see yourself driving down to Southern Alberta (why not?? :eek: ) to try Police Outpost Lake under SR's, each new lake that is approved will make the next one a little easier.


I have repeated below details about the proposal and how you can let your views be heard. Send that email (by Feb. 28). It need only be one sentence long. Terry



The Oldman River Chapter of Trout Unlimited is making a proposal to have Police Outpost Lake designated a Delayed Harvest Fishery. The new regulations which are proposed to be in place for the 2008 angling season are highlighted as follows:


--Season Closure from October 31 to March 31

--Bait Ban

--Daily limit of 1 fish over 50 cm in length


These regulations parallel those put in place at Bullshead Reservoir several years ago, the results of which have been very successful. The expected benefits of these changes include:


--another choice for anglers

--the chance to catch much larger fish

--increased economic activity in the area

--reduced pressure on similarly managed lakes (Bullshead, Beaver) while still maintaining ice fishing and larger catch limit lakes in close proximity.


For more informatin there will be public meetings in Lethbridge (Atco Bldg.) on Feb. 5th; Cardston (Civic Center) on Feb. 6th; and Ft. Macleod (Anglican Church Hall) on Feb. 7th. All meetings will start at 7:00 p.m.


This proposal needs YOUR input. If you are unable to attend a meeting but you are in favour (or opposed) you SHOULD write, fax or email your support or concerns to:


Terry Clayton

Alberta Fish and Wildlife Division

2nd Floor YPM Place

Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2J8

Fax: (403) 381-5723


If emailing, pleas put "Police Outpost Regs" in the subject line and email to:


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I just sent my e-mail the text of which is appended.



As a Born-in-Alberta angler who has been fishing for more than 50 years,

I would like to lend my unqualified support to the proposal

to change the regulations on Police Outpost Lake to a delayed-harvest model.

I believe that this regulation model is overdue for more than just the few lakes it is currently used on.


Fishing experiences in Alberta should be diverse enough to satisfy the diversity of anglers in Alberta.

Contrary to what some sporting organizations represent, not all Alberta anglers are maximum-harvest oriented.

There are an increasing number of anglers who, like me, understand the limitations of our natural resources

and dislike the negative consequences that maximum-harvest has on a quality recreational experience.

I believe that those anglers, desire and enjoy the high catch rate, large fish oriented, quality fishery

that the delayed-harvest model has produced at other lakes such as Muir Lake.


In my opinion, there are already ample maximum-harvest, put-and-take fisheries in Alberta

to satisfy the number of anglers who prefer that type of fishery.

It’s time that the Government of Alberta recognized and supported the desire for other angling experiences.

A delayed-harvest model at Police Outpost Lake will provide those experiences and will attract more anglers to the area.

I for one, would be far more likely to spend time and money travelling to and fishing Police Outpost Lake

than I would for the simple out and take fishery that currently exists.

I believe that there are also further economic benefits in the reduced stocking costs associated with delayed-harvest.


So please add my voice to those who support this change.


Dave Robinson, P. Eng.

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Scratch, it's a tough one to call. The decision that Terry Clayton (Area Fish Biologist) has to make after the current round of public consultation is over (end of February), is whether to take the proposal to the next level, which is the Area Round Table & Fish Managers Committee. The question is, what level of public support is Terry C. looking for? I don't have the answer, and I don't know that he has indicated a specific number. However, I do know that the level of support for Bullshead was in the low 60's % (interestingly, when Bullshead was reviewed a few years later, support was in the 90's). My guess is that 50% +1 won't do it, and that something in the 60% range will be needed. There are a lot of people in this part of Alberta (and I suppose throughout Alberta) who want to ice fish and to keep fish all year round. Unfortunately many would rather keep 5 fish in the 12" range than one over 20". Since Police Outpost is currently a put-and-take lake, they see the proposal as taking something away. I think it will all come down to which side is the best organized, and that's why I continue to beat the bushes for emails and letters of support. Every letter of support will be important.


I should add that even though I live in Southern Alberta, I'm still seeing all this from a distance, since the organizers are from TUC in Lethbridge. I'm sure someone like Alan Caldwell (adc on Flyfish Alberta board) with TUC could give you a better answer. Terry

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The deadline for input on the proposed special regulations (i.e. delayed harvest) for Police Outpost Lake is March 15. Therefore, I strongly encourage any members of this forum who have not already done so, to please spend the few minutes required to send an email of support to Terry Clayton (terry.clayton@gov.ab.ca), the fisheries biologist responsible for the region.


The email does not have to be long and involved (unless you want it to be ;) ). Simply state that you are in favour of the proposed special regulations for Police Outpost Lake, and give your name and location (i.e. Edmonton, St. Albert, etc.). Be sure to put "Police Outpost Regs" in the subject line.


If the proposal receives enough support and is ultimately implemented, it will make future proposals (like a second lake in the Edmonton area) that much easier.


The success of the proposal simply comes down to numbers -- how many letters/emails indicating support versus those stating opposition. I know it is hard for many of us to believe there are fishermen who would oppose something like this. However, there is significant opposition. For example, our Fish and Game Association in the Crowsnest Pass, is against the proposal!


A lot of people have worked hard to get the proposal to this stage. Please, let's do everything we can to keep the ball rolling.




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