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2007 Northern Lights Executive


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At the January 17 AGM the membership in attendance (through a majority vote) has adopted a written charter to assist us with governance, and protect the assets of the club moving forward.


A copy of the Charter will be made available here on the NLFT.org website in the next couple of days, and copies will ALWAYS be available at club meetings.


A motion to open acceptance of amendments was issued after the charter was adopted, to permit the membership to announce their issues or concerns, as well as propose changes to the charter.


Per the motion - requests for amendments should be made in writing, and presented to ANY member of the executive and will be accepted until the last day (28th) of February 2007. (6 weeks in the future.)


Requested changes will be presented to the club members (via email / internet / ground mail) as required, and a vote will be held at the 1st wednesday meeting in april to consider the amendments.


IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding the Charter - or the AMENDMENT process, please refer to the charter discussion area on the forum.



Your 2007 Executive:



President: Brian Bleackley

Vice President: Dave Murray

Treasurer: Rick Lang

Membership: Brian Donnelly

Newsletter: Dave Robinson

Programs: Dennis Southwick

Library: Jerry Plastow

FESA: Emmerson Dober



Website changes will be implemented in the following days to reflect the new positions....


Congratulations to the whole crew! Once again, I know that the club is in good hands, and with the level of concern expressed at last nights meeting - It's great to know that the membership has the best interests of the club at heart.



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It was most encouraging to see the stellar turnout last night for the AGM.

It's a sure sign that the NLFT&F is a healthy organization with committed members.

From this point on there will be less boring business to intrude on our meetings

and we can get on with what we do best, which is:

Provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for those who want to share and learn about the fly tying and fishing experinence.

It's the people with shared passion, interest, stories, knowledge and friendship

that makes the Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers such a special place.


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OOOPS: I forgot to thank the following for their work. Lance, Ron and Gregg who have retired from the exexcutive, a special Thank You for your efforts over the past it has been great to work with all of you, your contributions to the club have been great. Even though you may be retired from the executive it will allow you more time to come forward with some new ideas.


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Notice above - I missed the Secretary position - who has assumed the portfolio, I missed it last night....

Vincenzo is da Secretary of Defense now. Him... and his whole Family. Walk softly... and carry a baseball bat. :)


Dat dude, who took yer money dat night... dat java luvin guy... who was da Membership Director before.

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Being Italian ..I'm used to being left out of the loop but as I'm more Sicilian than Italian you never wanna keeppa me outta de loopa.




You the man....got coffee on its way soon and you, my friend, will always get the best cup.



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You the man....got coffee on its way soon and you, my friend, will always get the best cup.



Good to the last DROP eh.


Cheers buddy... I am quite impressed with the new digs we got... looks like a coffee bar in the making then. ;);) I'll lend a hand. :coffeetime:

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