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NLFT&F - January 24th, 2007 - Phil Rowley


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Speaker: Phil Rowley


:: http://www.superfly.ca/pro-staff/philip-rowley.html

:: http://www.flycraftangling.com/

:: http://www.danica.com/flytier/prowley/prowley.htm


Comment: Come and hear Phil let us in on more of his secrets at a much lower cost than in Calgary.


Beginners Fly Tying:


Pattern: Chernobyl Ant

Hook # 12 - 2xL wet fly

Thread 6/0 black

Body Black and Yellow Foam Strips

Legs: Rubber Hackle

Indicator: Red foam


Comment: For the fifth session of the year for new fly tyers, we’ll tye Dennis Southwick’s favorite pattern. It’s a killer for Browns and Grayling.

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For those who are interesed in the beginer fly tonight (a Chernobyl Ant).

We will be starting instruction early.

The pattern is simple and quick to tie, so if we get going early,

we will be able to get one tied and still see what Phil is doing.

I'll set the table up as soon as I arrive and we can tie starting about 7:15

during the usual milling around, 50/50 sales and Brian's short intro.

I'll bring enough hooks and foam.

Dave R

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