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Limey Fly Fisher

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Hey Ho Gang,

MANY moons ago (1978) I was in the lovely "village" of Suffield Alberta for a few weeks "work". At the end of our little sojourn a friend and I drove across to Vancouver and Vancouver Island. On our way we went through Banff and a few other superb spots but I always wondered what fishing if any I missed out on either around Suffield or Medicine Hat.

We dropped into Calgary to pick up the rental car and had a great week driving around. It would have been around August so were we missing out on some great fishing or what?

Ahh the mammories sorry memories. ;)


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Bullshead Reservoir is quite near Medicine Hat.




If it makes you feel any better :) , I doubt it fished in the 1970's like it does now, since I doubt it was a special regulations (i.e. delayed harvest) lake back then when bonking fish :vikinjg:: was more prevalent. Terry

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Thanks terry, Seems like the Bull is fishing well no though!!

I was a mad keen fisherman then like now but the guy I was with with thought fishing was a waste of time! I wanted to have a go at the salmon on Vancouver Island but we never got to it. Its a beautiful part of the world.

Maybe one day I will et back there............

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