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To combat the spam posting - I have turned on the Administrator Verification feature - and the 'bot' proofing tools.


No guarantee - but hopefully - we'll see fewer of the spam posting for adult products.


The tradeoff - one of the admins MUST manually approve the new user.


We'll see how this goes first.... to those who now must jump through hoops? Sorry - but I hope this will improve things.



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I don't see a problem with this.

It might discourage a few itinerant users,

but this is intended as primarily a club members forum anyway.

By the way:

Doesn't the signup procedure for new accounts require an text recognition embeded in a raster image designed to require a human brain?

If so, how do the robot spam generators get by it,

or does some body still have to do that?


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I'm presuming all that happend then, is that instead of having to delete P0rn postings

from the spambots now you have to reject account applications from the same.


Just a technical query, not something I would guess you can do anything about, but:

Does the OCR stuff work only on luminance contrast or does it also work on color contrast?

it might be possible for the embedded text to be in a slightly different color from the background,

but of exactly the same luminance, kinda like the color blindness tests. would the OCR stuff pick that up?


Another way to screen for a brain would be to require the applicant to correctly answer a skill testing question. Such as show a a similar embedded text frame with blanks for a number to be inserted, where the number is the result of the multiplying the number of rainbows by the number of whitefish shown in the image. Sounds complex and may discourage some users but might require the OCR to recognize different images, count them and do a mathmatical process. You could even pixilate or styalize the images to make it hard for a machine to do.

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Honestly Dave, those tactics are all used everywhere already. The thousands of hours to write software to actually USE those tacticsworth millions of dollars - to people wealthier than us.


We have what we have - and unfortunately it doesn't work...


The Ahoogah spams yesterday were created after we instituted validation and the number tests - in other words - this software is a sieve anyway.


The only 'real' solution is to pay to play. I've asked Darren to work out some kind of value / invoice.

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Yeah I kinda figured we were struck with what comes with the board software.

Just curious if those other techniques actually work.

It "struck" me that perhaps we should look to install the "Tim The Enchanter" +3 Chances Of Bridge Crossing Software... or The Black Night - User Taunt Software - which yields in a booming voice -- "None shall pass!"


Oops, that didn't work -- <sproooing> -- so sack that idea. Yes, how about we simply place a Killer Rabbit at the gates... by upgrading the existing shrubbery we have. :D






Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Forum (a.k.a. Spamalot)

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Sorry Dave -


Didn't mean to be short....


The technology is interesting - however, image processing in general is getting pretty high tech.


As it goes - where theres a will theres a way... :)

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