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NLFT&F - Wednesday, December 13th, 2006


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Pattern: Royal Humpy

Tyer: Dennis Southwick


Hook #12 standard dry or 12 scud light wire.

Thread 8/0 brown or black

Tail Moose mane

Body Peacock hurl & red floss

Overbody Deer or elk hair

Wing White calf tail or white antron

Hackle Brown & grizzly or brown at least


Comment: Dennis will also demonstrate a variation of the standard Humpy using foam. Be sure to have some foam olours of your choice (brown, tan, black or a bright colour), then basically the same materials as a regular humpy.


Beginner Tying Portion:


Pattern: Adams Dry Fly


Hook # 12 standard dry

Thread 6/0 gray or black

Tail Moose mane

Body Gray dubbing

Wing White antron

Hackle Grizzly saddle - fine


Comment: We’ll offer the third session of the year for new fly tyers. Bring your vices and tools if you want to help out.

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RB great pictures.


As I said this was just a fun night and hoped that it would make doing humpies much easier.


For the Christmas leech I'm hoping it will be a killer out at Muir & Dolberg next fishing season. Maybe even a Brother to the Impoved Llama Leech on Grayling.


See All Next week


Vince is Bringing the Pizza YummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmY


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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