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Lamont Pond


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Anybody fished or have any info on this pond?



I have family out that way, but have never stopped myself to fish at "the dugout."


LAMONT TROUT POND: Rainbow. N side of Lamont on Hwy 637.


Lamont Pond - Google Map Link


Latest Stocking Figures:




LAMONT POND (27-55-19-W4), June 2005 - 2,000 RB, 17 cm Average.


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weedy: I can't remember the exact deepest spots, but we did take the fish finders out on there before. If I was going from memory, the deepest spots were around 24 ft deep. If you walk along the shorelines, and also check on your fish finder, the structure of the bottom changes from one end of the pond to the other. Certain areas are more prone to certain food items that the big trout like. ;) Watch out for all the sticklebacks in the lake...it is overrun with them now it seems. Maybe that explains why the fishing has gotten even worse the last 2 years.

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King Salmon pretty well nailed it in his description...

I used to fish it regularly years ago....decent fish but just not many of them. Then for some reason it just seemed to slow down to nothing...so I haven't bothered to go out there much anymore.

I did stop there late this summer...didn't bother fishing...really bad algae bloom...and the interesting part is that even the baitfishers have stopped going there ...so, that tells you something. Judging by the height of the weeds on the berm, not many folks at all have been going there.

One other thing...in addition to the sticklebacks...this pond had a massive population of HUGE snails...don't know if they're still there....

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Yes! Last time I was there, there were a lot of huge snails like you said. And yea, in the summer, the algae is insane out there.


P.S. Don't belly boat at Lamont Pond in the summer without wearing waders... :whootwhoo: That was the worst case of the itch I have ever had lol...stupid me :beating:

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Sounds like there might be crabs in there also. :D

Oh wait.... wrong thread... there are no Ahoogah thingies posted here. Admins and Mods are moderating for your safety [*************FULL TIME************] these days. :lol:




If you want the real story on "How To Catch Crabs" you need to talk to Rocky or Bullwinkle (a.k.a. Ron H.) -- or show up for a Dolberg Klave now and again to get the full inside joke.



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