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Muir Lake / Fesa


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Just a little update on the Muir Lake fund-raiser that we had on November 18th, but before I get to that I would like to explain that the Muir Lake project has spawned (no pun intended) FESA (Fisheries Enhancement Society of Alberta) and the society's goals are to maintain and manage Muir Lake, help create another lake in the Edmonton Area and help any group in Alberta that would like to set up a similar delayed-harvest fishery.


The November 18th event was attended by about 120 people and raised almost $4500. This money will go to operating the Aerators at Muir Lake, improving the site with a new casting platform by the summer of 2007 and helping to bring another delayed-harvest trout fishery to the Edmonton area (asap).


I would like to thank everyone for their support and welcome any one out there who would like to get involved in our next project. Please feel cordially invited to help put the barricades up around the aerators at Muir on December 9th. We will meet at noon, it will take an hour or so to put them up and we will provide a barbecue after.


Tim Doskoch



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What happened the the casting platform that was installed last year? Isn't that one good enough? :unsure: I havent been there in 2006 but if I remember correctly THey were building one in the 2006 spring.... am I wrong?

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All we had last year was a plan to do something. We a non-functional model back in 03 or 04 but decided on a floating variety. The cost for the floating model will be around $20,000. It will be around 30' out and 80' long, we plan to use it mostly for fly-casting classes and then general fishing\casting when there are no classes.





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