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Lion's Sr. Centre Closing


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I just received a letter from the city indicating that they will not be able to accommodate our groups activities past the end of December. As the renovation and expansion is expected to close the facility from Jan 07 thru summer of 08.

I have already been in contact with other facilities in the area trying to find a suitalbe location for that time period. The following guidlines that I am looking for are as follow: 1-Central location 2-Storage 3-Parking 4 Wed. availablity. If you have any ideas please advise. Also should you feel that we should have a special meeting please give me a call.


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I have moved this to the public forum for more input from members and further discussion. Indeed, a shocker after we went to the expense of upgrading that one storage room already.


We should have an Exec meeting on this quickly, and final read of the Constitution as well. Suggest either November 20th or 27th. Did they offer us a place perhaps to meetup at other 'Senior Centres'?




What about the old meeting place 'St. Joseph's High School' still available? How about a room at NAIT or Grant McEwan.


What is TUC and Trout Club doing? I suspect they are in the same boat here also... we could work with them on finding a room or facility to accommodate all.

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What about this place? Central, and close to river valley. Can you check with them to see what facilities / room rentals they might have? They also have a pool.. could be handy for future dunking demos.


9100 Walterdale Hill

Edmonton, Alberta

T6E 2V3

(780) 944-7400



email: info@kinsmen-edmonton.ca


Appears they have regular meetings.. but nothing booked on Wednesday night. Perhaps a fit?



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Somehow my lat attenmpt to post on this went missing.

Anyway, I have a few suggestions to consider


1. Try a few Legion Branches - Stratcona, recently moved to 51 ave, Norwood on 82 street and the Kingsway branch . They often have meeting rooms attached that may be available.

2. John Bertrand suggested the Ellerslie Rugby Club - Not exactly cental, but lots fo parking and in a pinch...

3. Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans - 126 ave and 127 street

4. Odd Fellows - 112 ave and 95 street - the Calgary hook and hackle met at the Calgary Odd Fellows hall about 30 years ago

5. Irish Sports and Social Society - 125 ave and 126 street - I think they have meeting rooms

6. Elks Hall - 128 ave and 118 street - also not too central

7. German Canadian Club - 83 street and roper road

8. Community Halls - How about the one behind Water's Edge? It never seemed too busy on wednesday nights


My 25 c worth


PS as an update:

The Community hall behind Water's Edge is the Stratcona Community League

Looking at their web page, hall rentals range from $50 to $125 with special rates for non profit groups. They have three different rooms. Their web clandar shows nothing on Wednesday eveings for the forseeable future.

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I've printed these lists off and will bring to the meeting tonight. The exec should break away for a (pint) or a few minutes to go over these options to investigate best options and bring forward by November 29th meeting IMHO. Also we should poll the attendees tonight for other options to the benefit of those that may not be in on-line the forum or aware of this item yet.

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Just when things were going smoothly. I like the idea of checking with some of the community centres along with the legions. Can not remember why we didn't go back to St Jose. At the time I think they change some of their guide lines on who could rent from them.


We could discuss briefly tonight.


Dave looks like he resource some good options


See all tonight if rain don't turn to freezing rain


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fish_jump:

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When we moved out of the Water's Edge, we were somewhat concerned about the costs of room rental, so that narrowed our options quite a bit.

Now that we have experience with paying something other than a token cost for a room and have found the price range we can afford, we can perhaps expand our possible venues to consider.

We didn't go back to St Joes because it took over 2 years for them to complete the renovations and by then we were well established at the Waters Edge. Subsequently, both Publilc and Separate school boards have changed rental policies to a cost recovery model, which may make it too expensive for us. However, it wouldn't hurt to approach both school boards about possible rental to find out what their policy and rates are. I think the Public Board leaves some of that up to the individual principal.

Regardless of where we go, we do need the ability to store our library and A/V equipment, so that may limit some venues.

Parking is another consideration. We don't want a location where parking will be a problem or cost.

And if we do find a suitable venue, we should talk about a long term deal. While it would be nice to go back to the Lions, we have no idea how long the renovations will take or what their rental policies and rates will be afterward.

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