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One week to go


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Well people I guess we have just a bit over a week to go and most of our streams will be closed for another yr. Made it out with a Rick & Vince yesterday and had a great time. Great company beautiful day and the fish were game to play.


Again the new improved llama leech won out the day. So much so that by the end of the day all of us were using it. This pattern this year has proven to be the fly of choice by far. Running low and must tie up a new batch.


Have a great winter guys and see you on the Red Deer or Bow soon.


Tight Lines Always

Dennis S :fishing::fish_jump:

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It was indeed a great day to be on the water...sunshine, willing Grayling ( got to love those beautiful little guys ) , good compay and way too any laughs.


Interesting to note that I managed to get two on the dry fly but the rest were on the Lama Leech. It is indeed a great little fly and thanks for giving me one...it is a producer and I'll be sure to tie some up and give them a home in one of my wet fly boxes.



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Nice fishing guys :cheers: Enjoying the nice fishing and weather here in Kansas. Fished for large mouth Bass today, it was kind of slow but I shall return and tie other Bass patterns. They were just ignoring the flies that I had on hand. Visited Cabela's at Kansas City yesterday, It's quite a big Sportman's store, did not have enough time to look around. Prices are still quite expensive for some items. Have been looking for a 3 wt. Rod here. Dennis, I looked at The Sage VT 2 and it's sure is a nice rod.


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