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Dave Hughes and Jim Schollmeyer


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Heads up on this event you don't want to miss!


Dave Hughes and Jim Schollmeyer will be appearing in Edmonton, Alberta for the Northern Lights Fly Tyers & Fishers January Seminar. This is a real coup as Dave has not been on the tour circuit in some time now! Watch for more news!


Grant McEwan College

Edmonton, Alberta

Main Campus - 10070 - 104 Avenue, Room 6-212.

Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM


Cost $75.00 - *COVERS BOTH DAYS*


Tickets will be available at Northern Lights Club meetings, Selected retailers in the Edmonton Area, and through Brian at the number below.


For Tickets outside Edmonton - please call Brian Bleackley at: 780 718 1428 to reserve!


For those of you visiting us after seeing one of our posters, emails, or print advertising - Welcome!


If you have questions about ticket availability or would like information regarding accomodations etc. You can speak with Brian Bleackley at:


780 718 1428



Please feel free to register with the forum if you would like to post any other questions...




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Not too much time left now boys and girls till we're treated to a seminar of a lifetime.


Great speakers for sure...what an opportunity to learn from the masters.


For those of you that don't have your tickets yet....don't wait...you don't want to miss this one.



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Books that are available for purchase at the seminar:


Jim Schollmeyer


Hatch Guide to Western Streams

Hatch Guide for Lakes

Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying

Tying Emergers

Nymph Fly Tying Techniques


Dave Hughes

Complete Book of Western Hatches

Western Mayfly Hatches

American Fly Tying Manual

Dry Fly Fishing

Nymph Fishing

Essential Trout Flies

Fly Fishing Basics

Handbook of Hatches

Reading the Water

Trout From Small Streams

Wet Flies

Trout Flies


Limited number of books available - come early!

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Thanks for the list. I picked up three new books today from Wholesale Sports at lunch, and grabbed my other 6 books from my library to get ready for book signing. Looking forward to the seminar this weekend. Thanks Brian for getting these guests up here. Dave Hughes first appearance on the circuit up north in 10 years. Gonna be a good show!


I learned to tye flies from Hughes American Fly Tying Manual 15 years ago -- simply the best! Can't wait to meet him finally in person.

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Helluva show eh folks!?


Thanks to all whom had their hands in bringing our guests up here, and organizing this event. One for the books indeed, of which I bought way too many.. and still not enough. :D It was worthy every penny, and now I have plenty of tying to do! Spring is just around the corner, and this event only brought my cabin fever to new heights.


Finally, with some of the names thrown around for possible guests next year, and beyond... it seems Edmonton may have indeed become the new mecca for Fly Fishing in Alberta. :)

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All I can say is "WOW"


From start to finish this was a first class operation and I thank all that had anything to do with putting it on, especially Dave and Jim.


Thx Sno


ps I have resolved to fish the Big Horn within the next 2 years and with luck I'll run into Jim or Dave.

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Lance I agree to all points. This was one fantastic Show Dave & Jim are 2 great people. I very much enjoy their company. I learnt a lot and there was also lots of little tidbets to pick up. Which I will be encorperating into my tying.


A Big thanks to all that came out I hope they enjoy the show as much as I did.


I can not say enough about Dave Hughes & Jim Schollmeyer I thank both for their great presentations and sharing their knowledge so freely. This is Very much what this club stands for.


Thank Dave & Jim


Until Next Year


Dennis S


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Boys & Girls


What a show. Had a great time and learned so much...my poor little brain is having a hell of a time putting it all together. I do think with what I learned this weekend that my small stream fishing will be much improved.


A huge thank you to all that put this first class event together.



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You have got to be sorry if you were not at this seminar. : Dave and Jim put on one heck of a show. These two fly fishing and tying icons spared nothing in sharing their knowledge of this wonderful sport. All indications from those who attended were glowing. Bringing Dave Hughes out of retirement to come to Edmonton for a two day seminar considering that he will only be doing one other for a local Oregon club for the rest of the year was a major opportunity for Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers. :clap::cheers::clap: Be ready for the next seminar.

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