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Wader Repair

Hank Peters

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Just wondering if is worth while or possible to repair neoprene waders which have a loonie sized hole in them. The repair kit that came with them seem to refer to pinhole size leaks. I just don't want to waste my time.


Thanks, Hank


Also if someone could put Brians post on Dave's surgery back on top or snag it, so more people will see it. I really didn't want to post this question knowing it would bump Brians post

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Is is a tear? or is there actually a piece missing? If its just a tear then it can be repaired very easily with some aquaseal or your repair kit. If an entire chunk is completely missing it may not be fixable, but I would still give it a try. It will not take long to try patch it and you've got nothing to lose if it does'nt work. Just remember to go as thin as possible with the aquaseal, that way you can always apply more coats over top of it. Hope this helps.

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Thanks guys


I applied some clear tape to one side to give some backing and then put 3 or 4 coats on top, let dry, then reversed waders, removed tape and put 3 or 4 coats on the othe side, overlappind edges. Definitely, keep level. Seems to be a good repair. Will test soon I hope.



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