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Dave Murray


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I just received a call from Dave's wife Fern that Dave had a triple bypass surgery :dr: earlier this morning. The operation went well :clap: and he is currently recovering in ICU. Dave is expected to be released from hospital in about 5 days. Fern has requested that rather than visit him in the hospital wait until he is back at home as he will be recovering for about 6 weeks. Get well soon Dave.


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Update: It was great to see Dave out at last meeting however the next day he ended back in hospital with an infection. He will probably be there a few more days.He is back at the University, if you have time please stop by and visit for a few minutes. This ward is a transplant ward so if you have a cold or any other infection please do not go.


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The few days turned out to be nearly three weeks. I'm home now. Many thanks to Brian B for the ride home.


Will try to make a meeting as soon as possible. The infection is gone but now need the hole in my chest to heal up.


I'm trying to tye the flies listed in Hughes Book for the TU action.


Thanks for best wishes.



Have one for me. :beer:




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