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Fishing around Canmore

Hank Peters

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Driving my daughter to Canmore for a course she's taking on Friday and am wondering if anybody will be in the area, fishing? I'll be there from about

9:00-6:00. If not I would appreciate any input on some good rivers or streams in the area that would be relatively easy to get to. The Bow would be obvious but I'm not familiar with the area as to productive spots and how to get to them.


Any info would be appreciated.



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I would probably start with Wedge Pond for some Greyling in the morning, then move to the Upper Bow in the afternoon for some Whitefish and Trout.


Don't worry about the 'productive spots' on the Bow. There is plenty of access and finding fishy water is not that difficult up there. Also, you could call the guys at Fish Tales in Calgary ... they might have some small stream info for you.


Kind regards,



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Just outside Canmore on Highway 1A heading towards Exshaw there’s a small stocked lake called Grotto Mountain Pond. Drive into the parking lot fish from shore on either side of the parking lot i.e. off the highway or opposite shore. The lake is generally shallow but drops off sharply at both sides. Fishing is usually very good in the summer months.



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Wedge pond is pretty small so you can get away without using a tube or anything.


I have always had fun fishing there.


In the summer I just bobber fish with a prince or other nymph on the end and sit and enjoy the scenery.


I haven't been there for a couple of years so I do not what it is like now.....



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