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Yuri (jurij) Shumak


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Besides Steve Irwin's passing today. I also just learned on VFB that Russian Jurij “Yuri” Shumakov passed recently on August 20th, fishing his favorite waters on the Kola. Although I did not know him... he had some impressive works indeed.


You can see some of them here:


Yuri Shumakov's Tube Flies

Google "Yuri" Here


News of his passing is already spreading across the Internet (a biography here):






Deborah Duran wrote on VFB:


> Steve Irwin was a crazy guy. He always seemed like he pushed it to the edge. I will truly miss him, he was far too young. I feel so bad for his family.


> Other sad news to keep this fly tying related…. We also lost Jurij “Yuri” Shumakov on August 20th. He died of a heart attack while fishing the Kola. He was my inspiration for the tube flies I like to tie in the shows. The tubes I used in my tube fly swap were Yuri’s. He was very helpful when I first started tying them. He was a very generous guy with sharing his knowledge and an extremely talented fly tier. I was very sad to hear of his passing.


> Regards,


> Deb


> www.uftri.org

> www.linesend.com

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