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Canada Wide Buy A Soldier A Coffee Day


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I received this in my email, and thought it was a worthy enough cause to blog and pass along.





Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 23:01:21 -0500


Hi guys,


Let’s see how much Timmies really cares. Lets see how many gunners

and friends we can get on this thing. Its time to start a petition

to the great Canadian Institution of Tim Hortons. Now that they are

located in Kandahar our troops can introduce the coalition to a

Double Double. I would like to be able to buy a “Grunt” a well

deserved Canadian Maple and a Ice Cap.


Let’s get it going Timmies, its time to buy a soldier a coffee. So

here goes my petition for a Canada Wide Buy a Soldier A Coffee Day.

Each time this petition gets to about 100 send it to the below

e-mail address. And Remember the first one is on me.


Email: customer_service@timhortons.com


WWW: http://www.timhortons.com/en/contact.html


Phone (Toll Free): 1-888-601-1616

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