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Wednesday, September 27th (Swap Meet)


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Participants: Various Club Volunteers


Comment: Jerry Plastow pushed for this one as a means of emptying his basement of tying material. This is a chance for you to get rid of all the junk (Oops, I mean really useful fishing stuff) that you’ve got stashed in your basement or storage closet. Come prepared to give good prices or take something interesting in trade. Club material will be on sale for bargain basement prices.

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I have some sharptail grouse capes in my freezer. If anyones interested they can have one... I have 4 available. though, you will have to treat them, alkl they are is skinned off the bird and frozen.



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Due to a work committment I will not be able to attend this swap meet unfortunately. However, I'm still interested in acquiring surplus tying equipment and/or materials (assuming there is anything left after the meet.)


I have purchased a tying vise and some bobbins, as well as some thread in the basic colours (brown, black, olive) and a couple packages of hooks so I'm looking for fur, feathers and what-have-you.


If any of you have some swap meet leftovers that you feel are still useful to a beginner then drop me an email and let me know what you have and what you want for it.





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Thanks to all who participated Wednesaday night. We raised some good coin towards upcoming events... and managed to whittle down our extra inventory of materials, and part with a few books to make room for more in the future.


And... thank-you for the 50/50 money I won too!!. Seesh.... first time in 5 years I won it... and just when I needed it so I could buy more stuff. :lol:

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