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Wednesday, September 13th


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Presenter: Dennis Southwick


Pattern: Orange Butt Eevil Weevil

Hook Mustad 9672 /9671 #12 to #18

Bead: Gold Tungsten sized to suit hook

Thread Black # 8/0

Butt Orange dubbing

Back: Pearlescent Saltwater Flashabou

Rib: Copper Wire

Abdomen: Light Peacock Arizona Dubbing

Thorax: Dark Peacock Arizona Dubbing

Wings: Brown Goose Biots


Pattern: White Bunny Bug

Hook Mustad 9672 #6 to #12

Thread: Black #6/0

Tail: White Rabbit Strip

Body White Crystal Chenille

Collar Optional Claret Emu for Gills


Comment: With the annual club trip to the Little Smoky River in the offing, you will need to stock up on the patterns that have proven successful in the past. Dennis will show you how to tie a couple of the favorites.

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