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Humility - part two

No bites Mike

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I just returned from a trip to the BC Interior where my father and I did quite well at a small lake on the Bonaparte Plateau but then we decided to tempt fate and try the lake of "lunkers"....Roche Lake.


We tried anything and everything to no avail - they would follow the fly half interested but not strike. To illustrate how bad it was - I actually anchored my pontoon later in the afternoon in approx 3-4 feet of water right where the shade and the sun met along the shoreline and watched numerous big (honest to goodness 30" fish) lay still on the bottom silt right between my pontoons. They would dart out and up, breaking the surface right next to me and then return to the same spot! The noise sounded like a large rock dropped into the water!


Chronomids to leachs to boatmen - nothing interested them. I even tried jigging a leach pattern along the bottom right in front of one of the fish - it moved over a few inches and stayed put! They definitely preferred the real deal and not my synthetic meal offering.


Not wanting to give my old man a good laugh and realizing I still have a lot to learn about flyfishing are the only reasons I didn't jump into the water and go UFC on that fish.


There will be a rematch..... :box:

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it almost takes dynamite to get these fish.

A.k.a. Silkworm.. try one of those out next time. That or a larva lace bloodworm.


Oh yeah, new spieces taken on it for you Darren... Cutties like them too. Add them to the growing list... I almost thought about fishing it on the Saltwater... but that woulda just been deadly... likely raise a shark or two. ;)

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