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Saltwater Flyfishing


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After a cozy meeting tonight of seven members at the free tye night... I think I can remember everyone there tonight (George, Alan, Brian B., Vince, George, Emmerson and myself)... we had some neat discussions on Saltwater Flyfishing.


George, I found the video link you "mentioned" to me.. indeed.. not hard to find... but worthy of sharing here.




Love to get some more discussion going here about fishing the Salt. I am so looking forward to the trip planned next week.


Video Link Direct:



PS - I may have to bring a camcorder along with me too... for the hurly bit scenes we'll be sure to see happen. Any bets on who's first?

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George put me on to this also at the meeting. Worthy read.




Autumn Issue, 2000

Download now! (10 MB)

Right click and choose save as

Featured in this issue:

• Open Ocean Coho

• Alaskan Rainbows

• Summer Steelhead

• Journal



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I am so jealous!



So am I..


Andrew caught that really big one... or was it Brian.. can't recall. I know Andrew caught two really big ones on the trip.. making him a Tyee club member on the Island.

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