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New to Edmonton


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hey guys i'm new to Edmonton and the whole area.I've been here for about 8 months but only about 4 in my house.I came up from Manitoba and i have FF there but nothing like you guys do up here.I am more or a lake FF person if there is such a thing.I don't know alot about FF but,i have caught some fish.

What i am looking for is ppl that are willing to go lake FF and either meet me at a lake/coffee shop or i am willing to pick you up.I am willing to try rivers but can't be 1 day trips unless the river is within 1-1.5hr away.

A few years back i came up here and FF Spring Lake i guess it's called and caught a nice 17" bow but the weather was HORRIBLE.I have heard of a few diff. lakes up here like Spring,Star,Muir,Hasse.If anyone can give me any advice on where abouts to go and how the fishing is on these lakes,if they have ben winter killed i'd greatly appreciate it and would look forward to meeting anyone of you guys out there.I'm coming 31,married and on my way to become a welder,OH YA i work nights but off Fri-Sun. I look forward to hearing from some of you guys.Thanks

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I was going to refer you to Doc's page here for local directions to Muir Lake but his site appears to be MIA? Anyone heard from Doc lately? :(




You can find more about it here on the page... I noticed a lack of map and directions on the FESA site though. Someone here might be able to provide more exact directions.




Search this message forum for lakes and trip reports, if you're stuck finding a spot someone will be glad to point the way out. You can also refer this post for Google Earth Maps to a number of locations Beaumont, Cardiff, Morinville, Dolberg and such.




If Doc's site is down for good.. I hope not.. we should look to fill the void by posting some content to the main NLFTF.ORG site on finding the local fishing spots.


Anyways, welcome aboard!




PS - See also these planned get togethers this summer before fall tying and other pograms resume.



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That is funny,because Doc was the guy that took me out fishing to Spring Lake.Last time i emailed him he was at The Fishin Hole so i wentto stop but and they told mehe doesn't work here any longer ,end of story.Thanks for the info i'll look into it.

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