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Hello all...


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Hello all,

My name is Mike Erickson. I was a member of NLFF club in 2005, and enjoyed spending a few wednesday evening with you.

Towards the end of 2005, I became quite busy with work and this year my son was born, which consumed quite a bit more of my time.

I am aware that the venue has changed, but I was hoping that somone could direct me as to the current time and place that the club gathers. I would like to stop in when i have a chance.

Best Regards,


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Welcome Back Mike

Durng summer we meet on alternte Wednesdays at the

Lion's Seniors Center - 111 ave and 111 Street

NExt meeting is August 9th

On the weeks when we are not meeting we go fishing Wednesday evening

This week (Aug 2) we'll be at Muir Lake,

or at least teh Northen Lights will be.

Myself, I'll be in Australia then subsequently in New Zealand.

I will be back in time foirthe first regular meeting on September 6th

See You then

Dave R

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See here for upcoming events or the latest newsletter on the main page... and welcome back.








PS - We can only hope that Dave gets lost in NZ... for I am sure he'll have a bunch more stories to regale us with upon his return. ;)

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